Decent Films on “New Moon”

I don't plan to spend any pennies on The Twilight Saga: New Moon after the living nightmare that was the sneak-preview screening of Twilight.So I refer you to the critic I trust most... … [Read more...]

On “Twilight,” “New Moon,” and “the Hallmark of Immaturity”

"I think the ears are tastiest.""Me, I prefer the chin.""I'm a forearm man, myself. And things just taste better when the girl's has helpless as this one."Yes, like it or not, New Moon is here. And last night's midnight opening show set some kind of all-time box-office record for such arrivals. Basically, ticket-buyers told Hollywood: WE WANT MORE OF THIS. And so, that is what moviegoers will receive. Except what's coming will be even worse because it will be even more … [Read more...]

“Watchmen”: Five Reviews from Critics that Matter to Me (They Disagree)

Post your review, or a link to your favorite, below.Here are five from voices that matter to me:Robert Davis Steven D. Greydanus Russ Breimeier Andrew O'Hehir Roger Ebert … [Read more...]

The Reviews of Steven D. Greydanus

Movie critics (and this includes me) are too easily tempted into being snarky, sarcastic, and arrogant. We rush to be the first to call things "the best" this, and "the most" that, and the ___________ of the year, and the __________ to beat in 2009, and a _____________ like no other.I'm wearying more and more of critics who merely shout about what they don't like, or who pretend the authority to make claims about a film's place in history before it has even opened in theaters, even as I … [Read more...]

Greydanus on Twilight-mania; Ebert on the CelebCult

Steven Greydanus offers an insightful interpretation of the Twilight phenomenon. Now that's what I'm talking about!-Roger Ebert: Death to Film Critics! Hail to the CelebCult!  … [Read more...]

Steven Greydanus is Dismantling “Religulous”

Hey, stop by and check it out: Steven Greydanus is dismantling Religulous, exposing the falsity of some of Bill Maher's claims in the film. I'd recommend starting with this post, in which Greydanus begins with a question from Peter Chattaway:Chattaway: ... I do have one question: Does anybody here have any insights into Maher's claim that 16% of the American public -- a bigger chunk of the population than Jews, blacks, gays, or NRA members -- is non-religious? Does that … [Read more...]

Greydanus on “Brideshead Revisited”

I just realized that Steven Greydanus reviewed Brideshead Revisited, and somehow I missed it. He knows the book, and he gives the movie a lashing. Brideshead Revisited, directed by Julian Jarrold (Becoming Jane) from a screenplay by Jeremy Brock (The Last King of Scotland) and Andrew Davies (Bridget Jones‚Äôs Diary), gets a few things right. The allure of the opulent elegance of Brideshead (York‚Äôs Castle Howard, as in the miniseries) for middle-class artist Charles Ryder (Matthew Goode, Match … [Read more...]

How “Prince Caspian” Botches the Meaning of the Book

Want to know if Andrew Adamson's Prince Caspian is fun and entertaining? Check out the reviews archived at Rotten Tomatoes.But if you're a fan of C.S. Lewis's Prince Caspian, which is something quite different, and if you hope to see Lewis's ideas come to life on the big screen in Adamson's film, well... what follows is a collection of reviews that address that question.This collection will be updated as I find further interesting reviews on the subject. Feel free to submit more reviews, … [Read more...]

DecentFilms on Prince Caspian: Lewis’s Themes and Ideas are “Largely Lost.”

When it comes to The Chronicles of Narnia films, well... I want them to be great. I want them to be entertaining, yes. But more than anything, I hope that the filmmakers finds ways to preserve the ideas at the core of the story. In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, they did a decent job, but some of their decisions suggested that they failed to understand some of Lewis's ideas. And in stripping Aslan of some of his authority, they weakened the character and the core of the story.Steven … [Read more...]

“The Defanging of Aslan”

Steven D. Greydanus interviews the men behind Prince Caspian.And he finds them making some rather dubious claims. Unlike presidential candidates, the films' producer, Mark Johnson, doesn't even want to talk about change ... at least when it comes to Narnia."I've produced a lot of movies based on books," he said, speaking at a New York press event with other Narnia filmmakers. Citing titles from The Natural to The Notebook, Johnson said, "We made big changes in all of those in order to … [Read more...]