Mick Silva’s Advice for Writers; Narnia’s Makeover for High King Peter

Silva pondersMick Silva on the voice of the Christian writer.-High King Peter of Narnia's "small mind"In C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia, High King Peter did *not* have a "small mind." But it seems that American filmmakers are almost incapable of portraying a valiant, decisive, noble leader. It's as if we don't believe it's possible anymore.Aragorn, that great king in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, was given a Hamlet-like complex, a severe insecurity, and all kinds of … [Read more...]

The End is (in a Theater) Near (You)

Steven D. Greydanus is quoted in a new Wall Street Journal article on the current surge of apocalyptic movies.The article begins like this:On a recent Saturday night, I went to the movies. Walking past the theater showing "I Am Legend" (plague kills most of humanity), I opted to watch "Cloverfield" (inexplicably angry alien destroys Manhattan) instead. After sitting through back-to-back previews for "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" (ancient truce between Hell and Earth is revoked, resulting … [Read more...]

Best Movie Review of 2008? Most Likely!

¬†You're not likely to read a more enjoyable and hilarious movie review all year than this one...Steven Greydanus serves up a rhyming extravaganza in praise of Horton Hears a Who. … [Read more...]

Steven D. Greydanus’s Favorites of 2007

There is no film critic whose writing I enjoy more than Steven D. Greydanus, even though we sometimes have very different opinions of particular films. (There Will Be Blood, for instance, which didn't mean much to him, but my head is still spinning with all that I enjoyed about the film).When Greydanus gets passionate about a movie, that itself is an experience worth beholding. And when he shines the ultraviolet light on a beloved blockbuster to reveal its flaws and fractures, he leaves me … [Read more...]

Name 20 recent films that portray Christianity in a positive light

I frequently receive mail from readers who argue that we should ignore "Hollywood's output" because of the ways in which Christians are negatively portrayed.If I dare answer by suggesting that some of these portrayals are actually fair -- even deserved -- I am quickly swamped by email telling me where I'll be spending eternity. (Hint: Not heaven.)But I know many Christians who are devoting their lives to developing meaningful art and entertainment. Yes, in Hollywood.And I frequently … [Read more...]

Pavarotti’s Return to Catholic Faith

At ArtsandFaith.com, Steven Greydanus has noted this detail about Luciano Pavarotti that was overlooked in most obituaries. The diocese had received criticisms that it had gone overboard in honoring a remarried divorcé. But Pavarotti's parish priest, Fr. Remo Sartori, said the twice-married singer had been reconciled with the Catholic faith, reported the Sydney Morning Herald. Pavarotti had received the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick before losing his battle against pancreatic cancer l … [Read more...]

Greydanus on “Bella”

I had a chance to see Bella at Biola (Wow, there's a sequel idea for you: Bella at Biola!) several months back, but found myself in a fascinating conversation with Amazing Grace producer Ken Wales, and by the time he'd finished regaling me with tales of his experiences in Hollywood, I'd missed the screening.But they were great stories -- I'm not complaining. Had no idea that Wales was present on the set when the great Peter Sellers Pink Panther flicks were shot. Wow.Anyway, I apparently … [Read more...]

Greydanus and McCracken on “3:10 to Yuma”

Steven D. Greydanus guns down James Mangold's 3:10 to Yuma: The original believed that a man was a man whether he was an outlaw or a law-abiding citizen, and core human and social values applied to all. The remake sees men as either wolves or sheep — those who take what they want if they choose, and those who are the helpless victims of their caprice and whims. But Brett McCracken's okay with it. In the end, Yuma portrays a West that is stark, barren, and morally ambiguous. Like all the great … [Read more...]

Steven D. Greydanus at Decent Films Notes “Through a Screen Darkly”

A big "Thank you!" to Steven Greydanus, one of my favorite film critics, for being so kind as to highlight Through a Screen Darkly in his latest batch of answers to inquiries at his Decent Films website.When someone asked for a recommendation of a book about Christian perspectives on film, Greydanus answered: Jeff doesn’t just tell you whether or not he liked a movie. He offers you a seat next to him as the movie unfolds and he points out and reflects on the things that thrill, fascinate or … [Read more...]

Steven Greydanus on the First Must-See Movie of 2007

Steven D. Greydanus at Decent Films, one of my favorite film critics, has me scrambling to make plans to see a quiet movie that just might creep past moviegoers unnoticed. … [Read more...]