The Hunger Games: Did You Ask For Seconds, or Send It Back to the Kitchen?

Chances are you've seen The Hunger Games by now.So, let's talk about the movie (not the book): A great work of cinema? A standard Hollywood franchise launch? Great performances? Cheap special effects? What's your take on Gary Ross's movie?Or maybe you came away and thought, "Why all the fuss about this story? Why not bring ___________ to the big screen instead?" What novels have you read lately that would make great movies? … [Read more...]

Congratulations (again) to Sara Zarr!

¬†I remember sitting in the writer's workshop where a witty young woman named Sara passed around a chapter of her project. And we were all impressed. And then, she had a few words of critique for the chapter that I contributed to the discussion... from a project called Cyndere's Midnight.So much has happened since then. … [Read more...]

Congratulations Sara Zarr!

My friend Sara Zarr has been such a great encouragement to me with Auralia's Colors. She's like my sister in writing endeavors... a Glen Workshopper, got her first book deal the same year I did, learning about the world of publishing right along with me (if a few steps ahead of me). We compare notes and assure each other (usually via IM) during the bumps along the way.Well, today I am buzzing with the thrill of seeing Sara's work properly celebrated.Go on over to Sara's blog, and hear … [Read more...]

Sara Zarr Interviewed at School Library Journal

You meet the most interesting people at the Glen Workshop (which, by the way, is open for registration again). Sara Zarr had just scored a book contract when I first met her, and now the book is here -- Story of a Girl. And Sara's just been interviewed about it for School Library Journal.If you know a young adult who needs a good read, check out Sara Zarr! … [Read more...]

Sara Zarr: Your Spotlight is Ready

Sometimes, you buy an album because you liked the catchy song on the radio.Sometimes, though, you pick it up because you saw the band playing at a local club and you had that sudden adrenalin rush of amazement, and you said to yourself, "I am onto something great here... something no one else has yet discovered."This may surprise you, but I don't often buy fiction marketed to teenage girls. Nevertheless, I will be buying Story of a Girl, because I have had the good fortune to meet Sara … [Read more...]