Soundtrack for a Day Job: Great Songs About Hard Times

Songs about this day-job, bill-paying struggle are a dime a dozen — or, rather about $16.99 a dozen in this economy. … [Read more...]

Browser: Melody. Cylons. Vampires. Favorite Albums. Migraines. Radiohead. David Bazan. U2.

Suzanne Vega answers the question, "What's a melody for?" And I rise to my feet to applaud.2. The original Starbuck hates the new Battlestar Galactica, and has interesting reasons. But Jason Morehead is brave enough to stand up and fight him like a man. Or a Cylon. You decide.3. My all-time favorite vampire movie is coming out on DVD this week. Read my reflection on the film here.4.NPR's All Songs Considered already rates 2009 as a better year for music than 2008. What about … [Read more...]

The Browser, 4/1: Five favorite Peter Weir Films; Vega and Bird Blog

What would your five favorite Peter Weir films be?The House Next Door offers Craig Simpson's answer, and others get into the game. … [Read more...]

This Week’s Soundtrack

Oh how I want the Looking Closer music page to be more lively than it is. But too much is happening in my life right now, and I'm left singing along with great new albums while I work, wishing I had time to write in-depth reviews of all of them.I'll get around to reviewing some of these eventually, but for the record, here's what's currently getting frequent "rotation" on my iPod... … [Read more...]

Suzanne Vega Returns

Here's one of my favorite music critics reviewing a new album from one of my favorite artists.And the news is very good. Beauty and Crime is, without reservation, the defining creative moment of Suzanne Vega's career thus far, and a morally and emotionally communicative recording that instructs even as it confesses from inside, and reports from the margins and becomes, in its graceful impurity, a vision that is singular and utterly direct. … [Read more...]

Suzanne Vega Considers Bob Dylan

One of my favorite songwriters writes about one of my favorite songwriters. … [Read more...]