Do You Find Reading to Be a Chore?

Is reading a chore for you? Do you find it difficult to sit and focus on a book for an hour? The following excerpt is from Deep Attention, Lauren Winner's thoughtful, thorough reflections on the new Alan Jacobs book The Pleasures of Reading in the Age of Distraction:  … [Read more...]

Do Writers Need Paper Anymore?

Via Alan Jacobs, a quote from an article in Prospect Magazine: … [Read more...]

Bargain-hunting for an all-region DVD player…

Last I checked, I couldn't afford an all-region DVD player. That's probably a good thing, considering I really don't have time to be watching more movies. But the more I learn about world cinema, the more I wish I had time to enjoy more of it. Since some of the best movies being made aren't available to American movie-renters on regular DVDs--you need special equipment in order to enjoy these titles on special DVDs. Is there no end to the technology we must add to our already … [Read more...]