Did that Isabelle Huppert guest-spot on Law and Order:SVU really happen?

I mean... really, Law and Order: SVU? … [Read more...]

It was twenty years ago today…

It was twenty years ago today... … [Read more...]

The most revolting movie commercial I’ve seen.

"Bones" is a TV show I rather enjoy for the clever banter, the amusing actors, the slick effects, and the humor, But last night's episode was sickening. … [Read more...]

“Boardwalk Empire” rising.

Casting has begun for the Scorsese-directed HBO series: … [Read more...]

Tag, I’m It… 4×4.

Andy Whitman tagged Martin Stillion.Martin Stillion tagged me.My turn, I guess.Okay, here goes... … [Read more...]

Network TV struggles to understand: What will Christians watch?

You already know that The Book of Daniel has been euthanized (one instance in which I approve of a mercy killing).But you gotta read this Slate article about the challenge of making meaningful television, and the mysterious science of learning what Christians will watch. Some of the stuff there will probably be old news to you, but it's worth it for the last part, where things get really interesting.(Thanks, Russ, for the link.) … [Read more...]

"The Book of Daniel" is closed, done, kaput.

Read the outpouring of grief over the cancellation of The Book of Daniel.Apparently, it was Evangelical Right-Wing Extremist Censorship that shut down the show. … [Read more...]

New NBC Show Stars a Buddy Christ, Written by "Recovering Catholic."

If a show about Muslims were written by sarcastic evangelicals who liked to poke fun at Islam, can you imagine the cultural outcry across America? That show would be shot down so fast, you wouldn't have time to say "politically incorrect!"Now, imagine a show in which Jesus himself is a regular character who pals around with a priest. Imagine it's written by "a recovering Catholic" who is apparently very interested in the idea of reincarnation, and who thinks a lot of the "myth" surrounding … [Read more...]

"Lost" is truly lost

Have you been frustrated by Lost's endless parade of mysteries and loose ends?Have you tried to convince yourself that J.J. Abrams knows where it's all headed, and how all the mysteries tie together?Have you been yearning to believe it's all part of "intelligent design"?Abandon all hope.This may be nothing new to you, but it's disappointing to me. Like Alias, this show's indications that there's a grand design, meaning to the madness, now appears to be just a bunch of hooey, and … [Read more...]

“Lost” – I’m hooked. Are you?

Okay, I’m “out-ing” myself as a fan of the new TV series “Lost.” … [Read more...]