How Great is Ayn Rand? David Bentley Hart… Shrugs.

In the current issue of First Things, David Bentley Hart delivers a memorable rant on Rand.What does this have to do with Terrence Malick? Read on! … [Read more...]

David Bentley Hart Shrugged (or How Great is Ayn Rand?)

In the current issue of First Things, David Bentley Hart delivers a memorable rant on Rand.What does this have to do with Terrence Malick? Read on! … [Read more...]

“Unless you love, your life will flash by…”

Here comes what may well be the most memorable movie event of 2011 for me... … [Read more...]

The Enigmatic Terrence Malick

The long, long wait for Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life continues, and I'm enjoying every delicious day of suspense.In the meantime, here's one of the more substantial articles about it that I've seen.And I love this bit: … [Read more...]

Terrence Malick is Working on a Third Film for 2010?

Must. Remain. Calm. So I can type this properly. … [Read more...]

Malick’s “The New World – Extended Cut” arrives October 14!

One viewer's is pleasure is another movieger's pain.Out of the blue, an announcement was just posted from Businesswire that Terrence Malick's already-legendary extended versionof his masterpiece, The New World, my favorite film of the decade so far, is coming to DVD on October 14. This edition of the critically-acclaimed, Oscar-nominated epic recreating the turbulent first days of the new America now features more than 30 minutes of never-before-seen footage, heightening the viewing … [Read more...]

Specials: Coppola on Great “Young Directors.” Nick Cave Raises Lazarus. Performances We Won’t See.

Coppola's Favorite Young Directors Francis Ford Coppola on his favorite "young directors": Q: With the caveat that you can't name anyone related to you, are there any young directors out there whose work feels to you like the stuff that you and your chums were making back in the day?A: I know this is gonna sound funny, but the one young director I really admire is Woody Allen, because he writes 'em, and he makes 'em, and he goes on undaunted and just does it, and every film he makes has … [Read more...]

Here We Go Again: Malick and “The Tree of Life”

I know, I know, I'm late to this party.But I'm not really. I reported on Terrence Malick's Tree of Life project ages ago, and was quickly corrected and informed that I was merely perpetuating rumors about a project that was abandoned long ago.Forgive me if I'm a little gun-shy on this: But now, news sources all over the place are reporting that Heath Ledger and Sean Penn are "in talks" to star in this mysterious endeavor, with Malick at the helm. I'm sure that many will start speculating … [Read more...]

“Days of Heaven”: The Criterion DVD

Best DVD news in a while!Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven is coming to The Criterion Collection. And what an intriguing development... it's a going to have a new look.Can the director's cut of The New World be far behind? Please, Criterion, please... … [Read more...]

Hal Hartley Hearts Terrence Malick

As a huge fan of Hal Hartley's The Unbelievable Truth, Trust, Simple Men, and Henry Fool, I can't wait to see his Henry Fool sequel, Fay Grim. Here he is talking about it with to Choire Sicha in a special for The LA Times: Sicha: It's a crucial component to "Fay Grim" that Fay goes off and becomes involved with the drama of Europe.Hartley: I wanted Fay to be the representative American of a certain type: well-intentioned but ill-informed. This is a story of her getting tossed into the wider … [Read more...]