Who was Noah’s wife? (If you answer "Joan," you’re wrong.)

Americans sure love to talk about religion. And many are riled about about whether or not they think the U.S. is, or should be, a "Christian nation."If they knew what they were talking about, they might even make a difference. How many of those in the debate have ever actually read and studied their scriptures? … [Read more...]

Are You Biblically Illiterate? (Research Says You Are.)

Name the ten commandments.No, really... pause for a moment, turn away from the computer, and jot down all ten.Got 'em? Good. Okay, now name the twelve disciples.How about the Beatitudes? … [Read more...]

Rolling Stone rolls over — takes Bible ad.

See my earlier post... … [Read more...]

Rolling Stone: Scared of The Bible

Rolling Stone says they won't print an ad for the Bible because they disagree with the message of the ad. … [Read more...]