Discover The Chrysostom Society: Meet Editor and Book Enthusiast John Wilson

In the early days, they plotted how to kill each other. That may sound like unseemly behavior for a group of celebrated Christian writers. But you can read all about the murderous conspiracies of The Chrysostom Society in their first collaborative literary effort: Carnage at Christhaven. It’s a serial murder mystery — satirical, smart, and subversive — each grisly chapter contributed by a different society member. (It was first published in 1989.) None of them, not even the writers themselves, … [Read more...]


The world may have to find a way to go on without any new blog posts from me for a few days.I'm on my way to a small gathering of Christian writers.I have the privilege of being invited to speak to the Chrysostom Society, and this year, that small assembly will include Luci Shaw and John Hoyte, John Wilson of Books and Culture, Scott Cairns, Eugene Peterson, Richard Foster, Diane Glancy, and others whose writing has been inspirational to me. I am both intimidated by the thought of … [Read more...]