The Curator’s Annie Frisbie on “Cyndere’s Midnight”

It's been a bumpy day.I just sat down at my computer with very little enthusiasm at all about writing.And then, I discovered someone had sent me a link to the newest batch of articles at The Curator.And the new articles... one in particular... cheered me up immensely.Thanks to Alissa Wilkinson for continuing to develop a magnificent periodical on art and culture.And thanks to Annie Frisbie for... well, golly sakes... making me feel like a million bucks. … [Read more...]

David Foster Wallace; The Curator; Robert Bresson

REMEMBERING WALLACE (OR, PERHAPS, DISCOVERING HIM)Lots and lots of David Foster Wallace links! Read, be amazed, and be even more distraught over the loss of an imaginative writer. And McSweeney's is paying tribute as well.-CURATOR TWO: CURATORERThere's a new batch of articles at The Curator: Here are some teasers:Caramel is the saddest thing.Michael Chabon, blogging, writer's block, and learning to speak the truth.Can a video game help us regain community?Vassar … [Read more...]

Introducing… The Curator!

Ladies and gentlemen... The Curator, an adventurous foray into examinations of art and culture, courtesy of the International Arts Movement, with my friend Alissa Wilkinson at the helm! The Curator is a web publication of International Arts Movement (IAM), which announces the signs of a ‚Äúworld that ought to be‚Äù as we find it in our midst, and seeks to inspire people to engage deeply with culture that enriches life and broadens experience.In keeping with IAM‚Äôs belief that artistic excel … [Read more...]