Dan Brown’s "Da Vinci Code" sequel earns Goldman highest screenplay paycheck ever

Nikke Finke at Deadline: Hollywood reports, I'm told that Akiva Goldsman, who adapted Dan Brown's worldwide bestseller into a $755.6 mil hit pic, is receiving $4 million for the Da Vinci Code sequel in the works by both Imagine Entertainment and Sony Pictures. Meanwhile, the Da Vinci Code pre-quel, Angels and Demons, is coming to the big screen.Finke says: In A&D, Goldsman must make sense of a plot crammed with Vatican intrigue and high-tech drama: it thrusts Langdon together with an … [Read more...]

So, how many DaVinci watchers have you "dialogued" with?

So, we're now a few weeks into The DaVinci Code's theatrical run.Sony lured many Christians into promoting the film, buying tickets, going with their congregations to the movie, and even buying the book.All of this occurred so that Christians could be armed and ready to join a huge "cultural dialogue" because of the great opportunities for evangelism here.When I suggested we were being duped, I was sternly reprimanded. This, I was told, is what Christians are supposed to do. This is … [Read more...]

Sony Starts Up the Next Dan Brown Movie

Well, like I said, I'm done posting about The Da Vinci Dud.But Peter Chattaway has just caught wind of a whole new pile of poo: Sony is starting the engines on their next Dan Brown movie -- Angels and Demons.It's also worth reading Chattaway's discovery of an applicable G.K. Chesterton quote, and Amy Wellborn's recent parade of home-run posts. So if you want to read the blogs of folks who haven't tired of writing about this, there you go. … [Read more...]

Frank Rich on Gullible Christians Getting Duped

A rather arresting commentary from the notorious Frank "I Still Hate The Passion of the Christ" Rich.The sad thing is that this time, he right about a lot of things.Problem is, it's on NYTimes Select, so you may not be able to read it.Here's a snippet: The Machiavellian mission for the hit-deprived Sony studio was to co-opt conservative religious critics who might depress turnout for a $125-million-plus thriller portraying the Roman Catholic Church as a fraud. To this end, as The … [Read more...]

Last post on "Da Vinci Code": a review by Steven D. Greydanus

Okay, to wrap up the week of "Da Vinci Code" reviews, here's Steven D. Greydanus: Some Christians have optimistically hoped that The Da Vinci Code might provide a potential opportunity for dialogue and discussion about Jesus with people who might not otherwise be open to such discussions. Yet if anything the film seems calibrated precisely to inoculate viewers against any such discussion — to leave viewers with a skeptical agnosticism about efforts to set the record straight is all part of the c … [Read more...]

How can we be so sure that these new “gospels” aren’t true?

Read Jesus Out of Focus, if you want a concise, focused reply to the surge of new theories driving The Da Vinci Code and The Gospel of Judas.Here's an excerpt... Of course, to evaluate these claims we must determine the value of these apocryphal Gospels. Do they represent legitimate voices suppressed in antiquity? In the last five years, this debate has intensified. Some scholars argue that the canonical boundary that separates our Scriptures from the apocrypha should come down. Others … [Read more...]

Roger Ebert, Rolling Stone, Peter Chattaway open fire on “Da Vinci”

It's National "How Ridiculous is The Da Vinci Code" Day, it seems.SECOND UPDATE:David Poland thinks that the bad reviews have been too kind!* * * * *UPDATE:A.N. Wilson and Christopher Tookey in The Telegraph, linked by Amy Welborn:* * * * *Peter T. Chattaway: The press kit for the movie is contradicting both the book and the film on historical matters.Peter Travers (Rolling Stone): There's no code to decipher. Da Vinci is a dud -- a dreary, droning, dull-witted … [Read more...]

Mark Shea is saving Ireland…

Mark Shea is saving Ireland... from The Da Vinci Code.From Day 4 of his Ireland journal: More TV and radio interviews yesterday. One sympathetic and a couple more asking the tired question, "Isn't it just fiction?" I proposed a fictional film in which all the homosexuals in the world were engaged in a vast conspiracy to destroy Western Civilization."That would be offensive."No duh.The *only* time people fall for this notion that a fictional story which goes out of its way to … [Read more...]

So Dull the Con of Moviegoers.

Michael Phillips of The Chicago Tribune: How can a film contain so many clues yet remain utterly clueless? The screen adaptation of "The Da Vinci Code" treats the Dan Brown novel with a reverence it does not deserve and from which it does not benefit. The film was directed by Ron Howard in a style to be named later, and the screenplay by Akiva Goldsman can't get three sentences out without resorting to expositional set-ups such as "Ah, the Grand Gallery ..." or "Opus Dei. What is that?" "A … [Read more...]

And now, the AP with more…

From the Associate Press: Updated: 6:56 p.m. ET May 16, 2006CANNES, France - “The Da Vinci Code” drew... Wait for it...Yes...Surprise!... lukewarm praise, shrugs of indifference, some jeering laughter and a few derisive jabs Tuesday from arguably the world’s toughest movie crowd: critics at the Cannes Film Festival.The year’s most anticipated movie, “The Da Vinci Code” was a generally faithful adaptation of Dan Brown’s monster best seller, spinning a murder thriller that ste … [Read more...]