“It’s just a movie” Except that 60% believe its lies.

Calm down.You Christians are just paranoid.It's fiction.It's just a movie.And yet... today, on ABC News: "The Da Vinci Code” has undermined faith in the Roman Catholic Church and badly damaged its credibility, a survey of British readers revealed Tuesday as tensions over — and hype for — the forthcoming film reached a fever pitch....The British survey, released by a group of prominent Catholics, revealed that readers of Dan Brown's blockbuster novel are twice as likely to … [Read more...]

Top Five Questions Rocking the Moviegoer World

Ever since I heard a local news anchor make the hilarious claim that The Gospel of Judas is "rocking the Christian world," I've become fond of that phrase. (I have yet to meet any Christian whose faith has been overturned, or even jostled, by the re-emergence of a heresy that was long ago dismissed by thinking Christians.)So I've decided to look around for what might (not) be rocking other people's worlds.In that spirit, here are the Top Five Questions Rocking the Moviegoer World This … [Read more...]

Specials: DaVinci suit. V’s prophetic. Wenders tips.

Let me just say that I have never been afraid of clowns. Until the Olympic closing ceremonies.Was that creepy, or what? … [Read more...]

The Da Vinci Challenge, the NY Times coverage, and Wellborn’s perspective

[UPDATE: The Da Vinci Challenge site is suddenly out of service. Is it a glitch? Or was it shut down for some reason?]The New York Times has already noticed a new Web site, just launched today, created by Sony Pictures and Grace Hill Media called The Da Vinci Challenge, where Christian writers will bring all kinds of extra attention to the movie of The Da Vinci Code by discrediting it right and left.Amy Wellborn raises interesting questions about the whole endeavor here.Me, I hope I … [Read more...]

Tom Hanks Accosted by Nuns, says Pakistani News

I must say, it fills me with joy to publish a headline like that!I mean... wow. I love this planet. … [Read more...]

Vatican criticizes, debunks "DaVinci Code"

The DaVinci Code, like Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials, isn't the kind of book that criticizes the Catholic Church in an acceptable manner.Many dramas have appropriately criticized the misbehaviors of priests and other church officials. But The DaVinci Code presents fundamental elements of Christian faith as conspiracies and fabrications. It presents lies as if they were historical truth. … [Read more...]

Tom Hanks will star in The DaVinci Code

Looks like this decent piece of commercial fiction, full of historical innaccuracies and gross misrepresentations of Christ and Christian history, is going to be in the news for a long time to come. … [Read more...]

The DaVinci Load

From Language Log's musings on The Da Vinci Code: … [Read more...]

Another Scholar Calls DaVinci Code’s Bluff

Who's next in line? … [Read more...]

Yet Another Gaping Hole in The Da Vinci Code

"But it's fiction!" people keep saying to me, when I criticize The Da Vinci Code or Phillip Pullman's The Golden Compass. "Why are you taking it so seriously?"Because most people are inclined to find fault with Christianity, and are quick to seize upon any detail they can use in order to sound educated in their critique of the faith. Most people haven't really read the Bible, much less know anything about its history. Thus, when a conspiracy theorist like Dan Brown comes along with a novel … [Read more...]