Browser: Scott Cairns. “Fireproof.” “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

A new Scott Cairns poem is posted at the Denver Literary Examiner, one of several included in the new issue of Poetry. Cairns also has new poems in the new 20th anniversary issue of Image.-Did the recent movie Fireproof inspire you or change your life?Have you been waiting for me to publish a review of it?If so, forgive me. I missed a lot of movies in 2008, and that was one of them.I was recently informed that, since I write reviews for Christian readers, Christian readers … [Read more...]

First Word on “The Day the Earth Stood Still” offers a review of Scott Derrickson's The Day the Earth Stood Still! Director Scott Derrickson actually does a better job within the sci-fi genre than he did with supernatural courtroom concoction of "Exorcism of Emily Rose," creating a well-crafted film that maintains the feel of foreboding from the original movie without losing sight of how the world has changed. You can tell the filmmakers really understand the central premise behind the original alien invasion movie, one that … [Read more...]

MTV Interviews Derrickson on “The Day the Earth Stood Still”

As noted earlier, the trailer for The Day The Earth Stood Still has arrivedAnd MTV is talking to director Scott Derrickson. … [Read more...]

The Day the Earth Took a Silly Walk

Scott Derrickson's The Day the Earth Stood Still becomes more and more interesting all the time.IGN is reporting that a very silly person is in talks to join the cast! Cleese will play physicist Dr. Barnhardt, a Nobel Prize laureate who plays a key part in figuring out the mission and meaning of the arrival of the alien Klaatu (played by Reeves). … [Read more...]