Hiatus Report #2: Over the Rhine Rocks the Glen

Just a quick post, and then I'm off to do homework for tomorrow's workshop.Last night, I had the overwhelming thrill of introducing Over the Rhine before their concert at the Glen Workshop. I barely got the words out around the lump in my throat, but it went well. The concert was, of course, sublime. It was just Linford and Karin this time, but they did a fair number of songs from "Drunkard's Prayer" and the best peformance of "Jesus in New Orleans" I've seen them do.Highlight: In my … [Read more...]

Hiatus Report #1

Ha!I found an available computer at the library at St. John's College in Santa Fe, so I'll just give you these juicy tidbits about my week so far.- I'm in a week-long fiction workshop with Erin McGraw, an author I hadn't yet discovered, but now you can call me a fan. She read from an upcoming work tonight, and it was extraordinary. She's married to the poet Andrew Hudgins, and Anne and I had the pleasure of enoying a meal with these two. They're amazing. Read their stuff.- Speaking … [Read more...]

Anne and I are Coming to Santa Fe, NM.

Have you considered The Glen Workshop? Faculty and Classes for 2005Poetry - Andrew Hudgins, B.H. Fairchild Fiction - Erin McGraw Spiritual Writing - Paula Huston Playwriting/Screenwriting - Arlene Hutton Seminar - Elmer Yazzie Life Drawing - Barry Moser Mixed Media - Barry Krammes Watercolor - Laura Lasworth Musicians-in-Residence - Over the Rhine … [Read more...]