A “His Dark Materials” Caution… back in 2002

My brother-in-law Derrek just brought something to my attention I'd forgotten.Five years ago, I posted an alert that The Golden Compass was about to be made into a movie. Then I invited people to suggest how Christians should respond, considering the content of the books.Now that the film has come and gone and made very little fuss at the U.S. box office, it's interesting to look back and reconsider such early tremors.So if you're curious, here's that five-year-old link.And isn't … [Read more...]

Specials: Keillor on the Nativity; Newman on Sex in “The Golden Compass”; Shea on Pullman’s “Idiots”; “Sweeney Todd”

Garrison Keillor on the nativity.Beautiful.  (A nod of thanks to Mark Shea for the link.)-The Golden Compass: Sexualizing Children in the World of His Dark MaterialsThank you, Mark T. Newman. (Haven't seen you in years! How are you, man?)-Philip Pullman's Useful IdiotsThank you, Mark Shea! -If you want a sneak peek at the opening credits of Sweeney Todd, well... here you go. But don't say I didn't warn you. It's bloody. … [Read more...]

This Weekend: What to See?

I've just seen Lars and the Real Girl, a film that I've been trying to get across town to see for weeks. Fortunately, Anne got to come along. And we both fell head over heels in love with it. I haven't cried for joy at the conclusion of a movie in a long, long time.If you haven't seen it, make plans before it disappears. It's a tender-hearted, deeply moving comedy that is full of insight about abandonment, loneliness, and the healing power of love. And it contains an admirably respectful … [Read more...]

The Kindlings Muse: A conversation about… yeah, you guessed it…

Okay, my apologies to those who are sick of hearing about The Golden Compass. … [Read more...]

The Golden Compass (2007)

Finished with their phenomenal Lord of the Rings trilogy, New Line Cinema needed another series, something with box-office promise. Harry Potter and the Narnia chronicles were already spoken for. So they seized the next-best thing: Philip Pullman's award-winning trilogy, His Dark Materials.The first movie, The Golden Compass, is full of dazzling spectacles. Director Chris Weitz conjures awe-inspiring environments and fantastic creatures that recall Peter Jackson's Middle-Earth movies. And, … [Read more...]

Best Day Ever?

Thanks, everybody, for making today, Tuesday, December 4, the busiest day ever at this blog!My stat counter just updated, and today's visitor total is the highest ever (and still counting!) … [Read more...]

Chattaway: New Line Marketing “Golden Compass” to Catholics? Plus: Catholic News Service Pretty Much Gives It a “Thumbs Up.”

The controversy over The Golden Compass is becoming so much more interesting than the movie itself.And it turns out that a review of the movie written by Harry Forbes and John Mulderig for the Catholic News Service has been published early.Which begs the question: Why are film reviewers instructed to hold their reviews until opening day? I would assume it's because the studio wants to maximize publicity. But still, when the studio provides me with an opportunity to see the movie early, I … [Read more...]

It’s back: My Original Post on “The Golden Compass” is Up (and Abridged) at CTMovies

Today at Christianity Today Movies, you'll find an abridged version of my original response to questions about The Golden Compass controversy.If you have comments or questions, please email them to me at joverstreet [at] gmail [dot] com. But be advised: I will post those responses either in the "Comments" section of the original post, or in a new post on this blog, and I'll include your name unless you request that I withhold it. … [Read more...]

Controversy Aside: Is The Golden Compass a Good Movie?

My review of The Golden Compass will be posted here on opening day. You might want to wait before you order tickets, unless you plan to see it no matter what critics say.Apparently the Times Online doesn't have to respect¬†the studio's rules about publishing reviews early. Their reviewer went to the star-studded premiere last night and was not swayed by the hype. He refers to the movie as ... Weitz's spectacular shambles. The books weave a magic that the film simply cannot ma … [Read more...]

Chattaway’s Email Conversation with “Golden Compass” Author Philip Pullman

Peter T. Chattaway has a new article about The Golden Compass up at CanadianChristianity.com.But even more interesting... here is the transcript of his email interview with author Philip Pullman.If there is anybody out there agreeing with Donna Frietas... that The Golden Compass is a work of deep Christian theology... I recommend you consider the things Pullman says in this interview.Plus, Pullman says a few things about his upcoming work, in which he says he'll be saying "a whole … [Read more...]