The Gospel of Judas: The Hoax

Gene Edward Veith notes: Remember the recent furor over the discovery of the ancient manuscript entitled "The Gospel of Judas"? The media reported that the document presented Judas as a good guy, implying that the church had gotten it wrong over all these centuries and that we would now have to re-evaluate our knowledge of Jesus. Some accounts made it sound like the manuscript was written by Judas. The translation became a bestseller and National Geographic, which was behind the publication of … [Read more...]

John Wilson on The Gospel of Judas

John Wilson of Books and Culture has just posted a few thoughts on The Gospel of Judas. Last week, as we have done for many years, our small group met for a seder in Holy Week. One of my friends asked me about the Gospel of Jesus, whether it is the sort of thing that is likely to challenge the faith of many people. The best response for anyone who wonders about it is to read The Gospel of Judas and Robinson's book, too. (The stories about the Gospel of Judas don't begin to capture its essential … [Read more...]

If You Believe in The Gospel of Judas, I Have Some Magic Sandals to Sell You.

If you believe the stories you're reading in newspapers about the Gospel of Judas, let me buy you a subscription to The Weekly World News.GetReligion joins the parade of bloggers pointing out the obvious for the masses who seem determined to flaunt their gullibility.Here's where the fun starts: Before I criticize the ridiculous ignorance of the media in covering this very old story, let me offer a critique of the church. If Christians knew anything about their history, if they knew … [Read more...]

“The Gospel of Judas” is just an old, stupid heresy…

... and yet, my local newscast jumped on the hype bandwagon tonight, heralding it as "the discovery that is rocking the Christian world."Right.Rocking so quietly as to be almost imperceptible.Rocking so ineffectively that most of the Christian blogs addressing the subject today found the whole affair somewhere between amusing, ludicrous, and sad.Rocking us to sleep with its dull drone of inanity.Folks, it's not shaking up any Christians with brains in their heads.Here's … [Read more...]