My own thoughts on The Help, shared by an unlikely critic

Somebody agrees with me about The Help! “If you were to come to me and say that you were ambivalent because you felt the writing was not balanced… that you felt — like with Aibileen and Minny and Yule May and Constantine — that you didn’t feel there were a lot of colors to the character, that their humanity was not explored… that you saw just a blank, flat unrealistic stereotype… then I would go with you. I think that is a fair criticism.” Guess who said that.  … [Read more...]

The Highlight of the The Help: The hard-of-hearing guy behind me in the theatre.

I finally saw The Help.It has such honorable subject matter that it puts a critic in a difficult place: You'll sound insensitive and heartless if you criticize it.But film critics aren't asked to consider what a movie's about so much as how the movie is about it. So, I've strapped on my bulletproof vest. Here we go. ... … [Read more...]