The Innocence Mission… in space!

This is too cool. … [Read more...]

A Christmas Album from Don Peris

¬†Last year's Christmas was aglow with new music from Over the Rhine (Snow Angels).This year's Christmas will glimmer with the enchanting guitar stylings of The Innocence Mission's Don Peris.And the proceeds go to bring shelter to those in need. … [Read more...]

Sufjan Stevens Plays The Innocence Mission

In this Pitchfork blog entry on Sufjan Stevens, there's a link to video of Sufjan Stevens (hooray!) performing a cover of The Innocence Mission's "The Lakes of Canada" (hooray!!!) … [Read more...]

“Personally Speaking” with Jim Lisante, Karen Peris, and… Me?!

As a huge fan of The Innocence Mission, I must say I am freaking out a little bit.A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Monsignor Jim Lisante for a program called "Personally Speaking." … [Read more...]

New Innocence Mission Album Details

from FMQB: On March 20, Badman Recording Co. will release We Walked In Song, the ninth studio recording from The Innocence Mission. The 11 tracks were recorded and mixed by Don Peris at his home studio in Lancaster with his wife Karen on vocals, guitars, pump and Hammond organs and piano. Don Peris handles backing vocals, guitars, drums and Hammond organ, and Mike Bitts is on upright and electric bass. The band plans on touring the East Coast in the spring. What about the West Coast? We miss … [Read more...]

Andy Whitman on The Innocence Mission

Paste's Andy Whitman is joining the latest wave of love for The Innocence Mission, upon the re-release of their marvelous Birds of My Neighborhood.Have you seen the winning entries to my "Describe the Innocence Mission's music" contest? … [Read more...]

Three new first-impression reviews: T Bone Burnett, Over the Rhine, Innocence Mission

THE TRUE FALSE REPORT I've just posted three new, short reviews on the Looking Closer music page. T Bone Burnett's The True False Identity Over the Rhine's Live from Nowhere, Volume One and The Innocence Mission's re-mastered version of Birds of My Neighborhood. And, what's more...THE WINNERS of the "Describe The Innocence Mission's Music" contest. … [Read more...]

Innocence Mission / Don Peris contest – Deadline extended.

I've got two copies of Don Peris's new solo album: Go When the Morning ShinethAnd I want you to have one of them.So here's the deal:It's tough to describe something as fragile and beautiful as The Innocence Mission's music. So I'm asking for help.Go listen to some of the music that Don and Karen Peris have recorded.Write down what it is that makes their music so enchanting. Just a paragraph... that's all.Email your description to best … [Read more...]

Innocence Mission / Over the Rhine updates

[CORRECTION: Seems I was duped by a rumor about Sufjan Stevens remastering the Innocence Mission album. Truth is, he just really really loves it, and there's a quote on the packaging of him raving about it.]Two of the most beautiful voices in music.Two married couples.Two of my favorite bands.Over the Rhine and The Innocence Mission.And in 2006, we'll be hearing new albums from both.Over the Rhine's new live record is about to ship to those who have ordered it through … [Read more...]

Innocence Mission Fans – Take Note! (a note from Roswell, NM)

The Innocence Mission is releasing a new album in November. Details here. … [Read more...]