The Island (Ostrov) (2006)

This review was previously published as an installment of Jeffrey Overstreet's "Through a Screen Darkly" column at Christianity Today.-A certain hunger sets in after film critics have spent the summer chasing down all of the big-budget action movies and sophomoric comedies.This summer was no exception. We thrilled to the latest special effects (Iron Man), laughed at flashes of inspired audacity (Tropic Thunder), and threw out the trash (Space Chimps, Fly Me to the Moon, The House … [Read more...]

Specials: Leary on Dynamite; Brothers Quay + Gilliam; V for Vendetta; The Island

Today's specials:Michael Leary on Napoleon Dynamite.Twitch scoops an intriguing collaboration between The Brothers Quay and Terry Gilliam. Wow. Sounds promising indeed. Go here for news and stills.The trailer for Natalie Portman's new film with the makers of The Matrix: V for Vendetta.What did I say about The Island being built out of parts stolen from other movies? … [Read more...]

Too Bad a Tsunami Didn’t Destroy "The Island"

"We're about to fall 70 stories!" "Don't worry. We'll walk away from it."There are a few spoilers in the following thoughts on Michael Bay's new movie. So, if you really want to spend your hard-earned money on this massive waste of time, space, and other resources, you may want to turn back now.I would use the word "obscene" to describe Michael Bay's The Island... for the way that its story is made up almost entirely of ideas stolen from other, far better science fiction movies; … [Read more...]