Valentine’s Day Special: Are These the Top 25 Films About Marriage?

Will you be celebrating Valentine's Day at the movies? If so, what will you watch? Perhaps you'll watch something romantic. Or, if you're like me and Anne, you'll just watch what sounds good. (I think she may be interested in checking out Skyfall, now that it's available online; or maybe an old favorite that involves both fantasy and true love, like Ladyhawke or The Princess Bride.)It won't be hard to find a film about love. It won't be hard to find a film about dating or romance. But it is, … [Read more...]

The Loneliest Planet (2011)

The biggest scare. The most compelling adult relationship. The most memorable journey. This year, for this moviegoer, all three of these things exist in the same film: The Loneliest Planet.Julia Loktev's movie, her second narrative feature but the first one I've seen, wrecked a perfectly good Saturday morning. The pages of my open notebook remained blank; my uncertainty in every scene kept me from looking away for a moment.And while I would not say that I find the movie satisfying, I do … [Read more...]