A New Batch of Responses at CT Feedback

UPDATED!! NOW, with even more provocative responses from readers...Here's one of the letters contributed by readers after CT's coverage of The Nativity Story, and there are more where this came from: I am shocked that the Vatican approved The Nativity Story. The clergy that run the Catholic church today have gone insane. The scene where Mary goes into labor pains and Joseph delivering baby Jesus is contrary to the special dignity and power God has bestowed upon her. We true Catholics … [Read more...]

Christian Film Critics Publish “Outrageous, Disingenuous Lies” for God’s Glory

This week's Film Forum contains dangerous material.Christians are giving mixed reviews to The Nativity Story.Some of them love it, some of them like it, some of them don't like it.Could it be that a movie might fall short of greatness, even if the story that it tells is the Greatest Story Ever Told?Could it be that a Christian might still have misgivings about a work of art, even if that art is about Jesus?Or is it a crime to point out weaknesses in a big-screen version of … [Read more...]

“The Nativity Story”: Your Reviews

Since snow and ice have kept me from the Seattle press screenings of The Nativity Story, chances are you will see the movie before I do. (I'm going to try to catch a Saturday or Sunday matinee.)If you see it, tell us what you think of it. The reviews in the mainstream press are wide-ranging, from ridicule to raves. I know at least one Seattle church has rented out a whole theater for an early screening tonight. Is your church planning anything?Post your review in the Comments below. I'm … [Read more...]

Frederica Matthewes-Green on “The Nativity Story”

Here's Frederica, entertaining and insightful as always, with her take on Catherine Hardwicke's The Nativity Story. … [Read more...]

Keeping the Christ-movie in Christmas

When I worked for the City of Seattle's Department of Construction and Land Use, one of the directors hung pictures of Buddhist temples and Buddha statues all over her office and even outside her office for passers-by to enjoy.I found this strange, since I was told that I couldn't have a little desk-top Christmas tree in my work space during the holidays because it was a "religious symbol" and could offend my coworkers.Then, when I put up a Christmas card with a picture of Santa on it, I … [Read more...]

Questions for the writer of "The Nativity Story"?

I'll be interviewing Mike Rich, screenwriter of Finding Forrester, The Rookie, Radio, and The Nativity Story, this afternoon.The guy's being interviewed by all kinds of religious press publications. I'm sure he's heard some questions a hundred time.So I'm sitting here listing questions that he might not have heward. I'm curious... what would YOU ask him? What do you want to know about The Nativity Story and how it was made? … [Read more...]

“The Nativity Story”: Gritty realism? Or sentimental, romantic iconography?

Christianity Today's David Neff, in the new issue: "This film ... runs from the horror [of Herod's bloodshed] and quickly reverts into Silent Night"-happy ending mode. The shift from the realism of Mary and Joseph's life in Nazareth to the romantic iconography of the Nativity scene seems to be a surrender to the romantic structrure of the plot. The gritty reality of village life in first-century Palestine is abandoned in favor of Christmas-card sentimentality, with wise men, shepherds, animals, … [Read more...]

Warning: There’s “Pushing and Shoving” in “The Nativity Story”

A prominent Christian media personality has disregarded the professional standard of waiting until opening day to publish a review of The Nativity Story, and he offers some rather, um, arresting observations: Having spent some time in Israel researching other movies, I can attest to the authenticity of even the smallest details of life in Israel in the first century. The crucifixions, the agriculture, the ephods, everything is done exquisitely.... I can hardly wait. There's nothing I love more … [Read more...]

A Few Predictions About “The Nativity Story”

I haven't seen anything but the trailer for Catherine Hardwicke's The Nativity Story yet. And I really don't have any particular expectations about the film itself.When I saw Hardwicke's Thirteen, which starred Holly Hunter and Evan Rachel Wood, I was quite impressed with the performances of her cast. Whether that was just the cast being brilliant, or whether it had something to do with Hardwicke's direction, well, that will probably become more clear as we see more of Hardwicke's … [Read more...]

CT’s Mark Moring has been behind the scenes of "The Nativity Story"

Mark Moring, captain of Christianity Today Movies, traveled to Bethlehem for several days to interview Catherine Hardwicke, Keisha Castle-Hughes, screenwriter Mike Rich, and a five-foot-long black snake. He learned a lot about the upcoming Christmas movie The Nativity Story. … [Read more...]