To Watch or Not To Watch – A Cultural Conflict Among Christians in the Netherlands: Part 1

In the territory of art and culture, there is a lot of turmoil among Christians and conservatives in the Netherlands. … [Read more...]

Best Movie Made in the Netherlands?

As I pack my bags for the Netherlands, I'm curious: What's your favorite Made-in-the-Netherlands movie?What's your favorite scene set in Amsterdam?Perhaps I should revisit those scenes. You know... so I learn how to tell the good guys from the bad guys. :)And speaking of the Netherlands, if I keep getting photographs like this one from Matthijs de Jong in the mail, I'm going to wonder if this is all some elaborate hoax! … [Read more...]

Running at windmills

Got any advice for first-time visitors to the Netherlands?With joy and gratitude, Anne and I will be traveling to the Netherlands next week by the invitation of generous friends who have given us tremendous encouragement.Peter van Dijk and Bart Cusveller, both editors of, have had a hand in bringing Through a Screen Darkly into a new Dutch translation.I first encountered Peter when he wrote to me about my review of There Will Be Blood just over a year ago, and then we … [Read more...]

Auralia’s Adventure in The Netherlands?

I am thunderstruck to discover that the sequel to Auralia's Colors has made it so far already. Thanks to Bart Cusveller, who tells me, "I liked Cyndere's Midnight a great deal, I suppose even better than Auralia's Colors." … [Read more...]