Filmwell Returns!

Over the last week, I've been thrilled to see Filmwell - the collaborative and strange film blog for adventurous cinephiles that I started with Michael Leary a couple of years ago - transplanted to a new home base at The Other Journal, an online magazine I've admired and enjoyed for a long time.I kicked things off with a "We're Back!" post, and a few notes on the new Kelly Reichardt film Meek's Cutoff.But I'm very excited about what happened at Filmwell today... … [Read more...]

Do celebrities matter? Part Two.

Recently, I posted the first part of The Other Journal's podcast on celebrities.That was only the beginning. … [Read more...]

Do celebrities matter?

Do celebrities matter? Should we pay attention to them? … [Read more...]

The Other Journal on “Auralia’s Colors”

J. Paul Friedenmaker talked with me about Auralia's Colors, and it all ended up posted at The Other Journal! … [Read more...]

My New Review of "Distant"

The Other Journal has published my review of Distant. … [Read more...]