Album review: The Ragbirds, "Wanderlove"

¬† I've been listening to the new album by The Ragbirds for a few weeks now, and it's been growing on me. So I'm ready to report...First: Listen to new songs by The Ragbirds here, on their MySpace page. When Yes Nearby danced its way like a whirling dervish into stereos two years ago, The Ragbirds won themselves some enthusiastic new fans. Then, as if to prove that they could bring their shapeshifting style to the stage, the band released an energetic live recording: Catching Fi … [Read more...]

This Week’s Soundtrack

Oh how I want the Looking Closer music page to be more lively than it is. But too much is happening in my life right now, and I'm left singing along with great new albums while I work, wishing I had time to write in-depth reviews of all of them.I'll get around to reviewing some of these eventually, but for the record, here's what's currently getting frequent "rotation" on my iPod... … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Erin Zindle and Randall Moore of "The Ragbirds"

Last year, Erin Zindle and Randall Moore delivered one of the best band-debut albums in the last decade. The Ragbirds' Yes Nearby is still getting a lot of play at Overstreet headquarters.This year, they've got a new live album, Catching Fire, that I've been enjoying for a few months now.So what's next? … [Read more...]

Josh Hurst Interviews Erin Zindle of The Ragbirds

I love The Ragbirds' Yes Nearby more every time I listen to it... and I'm listening to it a lot these days.Thus, I'm thrilled to see Josh Hurst has just published the first interview with Erin Zindle that I've come across, and it's a keeper.Here's a snippet: J: Let’s switch gears now and discuss your songwriting. Your songs have some pretty heavy explorations of faith-related issues, and it’s evident that you write from a Christian perspective, and yet, unlike a lot of the so-called Chr … [Read more...]

Say "Yes" to The Ragbirds – "Yes Nearby"

The most engaging new band I’ve heard this year is The Ragbirds, led by erin Zindle. It’s not a typo. Small “e”, big “Z.”It’s an unconventional name for an unconventional sound. Zindle and her cohorts stir up a style-shifting row on their debut, Yes Nearby, with such enthusiasm, confidence, sincerity, and skill that it’s not hard to imagine them growing up to be one of those beloved bands of spirit and substance like Over the Rhine and The Innocence Mission. Attention, dispirited fans of the … [Read more...]