Is Ned Flanders Your Role Model?

Here's Peter T. Chattaway musing about just how much Ned Flanders' role in The Simpsons Movie has impressed some Christian media personalities.Is Ned *your* role model? … [Read more...]

Specials: Gillian Welch! Kieslowski’s Veronique! The Simpsons!

Monday specials: … [Read more...]

Today’s specials: U2, Ron Howard, The Simpsons’ movie, and… "16 Candles 2"?

Today's specials:U2 HEARTS ARCADE FIRE In the new issue of Mojo, you'll find a disc featuring songs that Bono and the boys think you should hear. And I hate to say "I told ya so" but there's an Arcade Fire track on there. (Thanks, Opus, for the heads' up.ASTONISHING!! JESUS WASN'T REAL! Peter T. Chattaway interviews Brian Flemming.D'OH! Nancy Cartwright confirms it... A feature film of The Simpsons is in production.AN ANSWER TO SO MANY PRAYERS [insert Homer's … [Read more...]