Terry Mattingly on Two Words: “FOX” and “Faith”

Terry Mattingly looks at what happened to* The Ultimate Gift when it was tagged with the term "Fox Faith." … [Read more...]

Film Forum: 300, The Ultimate Gift, The Namesake, Beyond the Gates, The Host

Oh, no. It's...¬†Looking Closer's Film Forum! The soundtrack for this week's Film Forum is provided by The Arcade Fire's new abum Neon Bible. How do you get the soundtrack to play while you read the column? Easy. Buy Neon Bible from iTunes and start playing it. The column will be much more exciting to read if you do. Trust me. DO MOVIE CRITICS MATTER? Do movie critics matter? Absolutely not, says Brian Robbins, director of the hit comedy Norbit. Standing on top of the mountains of cash that … [Read more...]