Browser: Conan vs. Colbert. Peterson and Leary on “The Wrestler”

1.Stephen Colbert and Conan O'Brien have a dance off!2.At The Rabbit Room, Pete Peterson praises The Wrestler.Earlier: Michael Leary has a problem with The Wrestler. … [Read more...]

Browser: Passion of the Rourke. Horton Hears Ken Morefield. Decemberists. Frost/Nixon nixed. Milk of Sorrow. Leonard Cohen. Laura Gibson.

1. A.G. Harmon on The Wrestler and its reference to The Passion of the Christ.2. Ken Morefield on where Horton Hears a Who went wrong. Earlier: My own problems with that playful pachyderm..3. Frost/Nixon could have been done right, says Rick Olson. . . . The filmmakers could have gotten it right, but they chose to tell it wrong. There seems to have been an agenda at work that refused to recognize that the apology originated in the Nixon camp. The building up of Frost into a … [Read more...]

Browser, 9/6: Aronofsky’s Golden Lion!; Roger Ebert’s Favorite Movie; What Richard Linklater, Orson Welles, and Zac Efron Have in Common?

ARONOFSKY'S WRESTLING PIC IS A VENICE FILM FEST CHAMPDarren Aronosfky, director of The Fountain and Requiem for a Dream, has just been given¬†the Golden Lion award¬†at the Venice Film Festival for his new film The Wrestler, which stars¬†Mickey Rourke.¬†Hopefully we'll hear more from some of my pals who are at the Toronto fest. The movie will screen there on Monday.¬†I spoke with Aronofsky, who is married to actress Rachel Weisz, by telephone, and then again in person, when The Fountai … [Read more...]