Over the Rhine’s Essential Christmas Album, Re-released

Thom Jurek has a review, and I heartily agree with it.The review doesn't mention the fact that OTR's fans have had this album for a year now. … [Read more...]

Here Come the “Civilians”

The album I've been waiting for all year comes out tomorrow.Here's Thom Jurek's review. … [Read more...]

Over the Rhine, Reviewed by Thom Jurek

Here's  Thom Jurek's review of Over the Rhine's The Trumpet Child.Jurek, like Andy Whitman, is one of the music critics whose reflections always challenge, inform, and inspire me... even when I disagree.His review of The Trumpet Child is sharp and full of references to send you scurrying about and discovering the treasure troves that inspired Over the Rhine to make this music. He singles out a couple of tracks he wishes they'd left off. Me, I would have made different selections... but t … [Read more...]

Cowboy Junkies – “At the End of Paths Taken”

Okay, it's very late, I'm immersed in writing one of the last chapters in my current fiction project.But all I've had to drink is tea and I'm thinking fairly clearly. So I think I'm clear-headed enough to say this with some confidence:I'm listening to the new Cowboy Junkies album, At the End of Paths Taken, and... either I'm just really starved for some good music, or this is the best album they've released since The Trinity Sessions, and a candidate for my year-end top ten … [Read more...]

The best music site on the Web is going to get even better.

Andy Whitman is going to work for All-Music Guide.Oh. my. stars.Thom Jurek, Stephen Thomas Erlewine, and Andy Whitman... three of my favorite music critics all in the same place. Fantastic. … [Read more...]