Hey, Moviegoers: You’re Invited to a Secret Seattle Q&A [Updated: Robert Horton Details]

If you could meet and interrogate your local film critics, free of charge, would you do it? … [Read more...]

What’s So Funny? (Or: Christianity and Comedy are Not Exclusive)

An ex-con, striving to change his ways and serve as a good husband, steals a newborn baby for his barren, broken-hearted wife.Are you laughing?A band of disciples pursues a man named Brian, who they've mistaken for the Messiah. When he disappoints them, they crucify him. And he shrugs, whistling a tune and singing "Always look on the bright side of life!"Are you laughing? … [Read more...]

Through a Screen Darkly by Martha Bayles is New. Through a Screen Darkly by That Other Cultural Critic is 7 Years Old!

Through a Screen Darkly, a consideration of art, entertainment, and faith, was published by Regal Books in 2007.Now, a book about pop culture by Martha Bayles bearing the same unlikely title has arrived here in 2014.I'm going to take that as a compliment. I took the Bible verse that says we see the glory of God "through a glass darkly" and applied it to how we can see the glory of God on a big screen. And in the age of Google, you'd think that a publisher would bother to take the time to … [Read more...]

A Christmas gift idea

Christmas is coming.Pick up any of my five books to give as Christmas gifts, and I'll mail you the following as a no-charge bonus:  … [Read more...]

Another Reader Goes Through a Screen Darkly

I'm jealous of anybody who has time to read. I'm especially jealous of folks who have time to read fifty two books in one year! … [Read more...]

Talking with Christy Tennant at the International Arts Movement

In preparation for my first real trip to New York, I had a conversation with Christy Tennant, host of IAM Conversations for the International Arts Movement.Christy started off by going right for the sore spot: What do I think of the Oscar nominations? So... … [Read more...]

Thank You, Spokane!

I gave a Through a Screen Darkly presentation in Spokane yesterday, and I'm still grinning from the fun I had there.Many thanks to the College Women's Association of Spokane for giving me a warm welcome, and proving to be gracious hosts during my stay on Tuesday and Wednesday.Special thanks to Karen Murray and Harla Jean Biever for inviting me to speak about "dangerous moviegoing", and to everyone who enriched the conversation afterward. … [Read more...]

Browser: Another New Sam Phillips Song. A Surprising Top Ten List. Favorite Albums of 2009 So Far. Calvin & Hobbes.

The Browser: News & links to raise your eyebrows & furrow your brow. New headlines may be added as the day goes on. Stay tuned.Hi ho, Jeffrey the Blogger here. … [Read more...]

Running at windmills

Got any advice for first-time visitors to the Netherlands?With joy and gratitude, Anne and I will be traveling to the Netherlands next week by the invitation of generous friends who have given us tremendous encouragement.Peter van Dijk and Bart Cusveller, both editors of www.cvfilm.nl, have had a hand in bringing Through a Screen Darkly into a new Dutch translation.I first encountered Peter when he wrote to me about my review of There Will Be Blood just over a year ago, and then we … [Read more...]

The Island (Ostrov) (2006)

This review was previously published as an installment of Jeffrey Overstreet's "Through a Screen Darkly" column at Christianity Today.-A certain hunger sets in after film critics have spent the summer chasing down all of the big-budget action movies and sophomoric comedies.This summer was no exception. We thrilled to the latest special effects (Iron Man), laughed at flashes of inspired audacity (Tropic Thunder), and threw out the trash (Space Chimps, Fly Me to the Moon, The House … [Read more...]