Podcast: Sheridan Voysey talks with me about great movies that can change lives.

You can now download the podcast of Sheridan Voysey's radio program where I discussed the power of movies with him a couple of weeks ago. (I mentioned this broadcast a few days back.)Of the many on-air conversations about movies I've enjoyed, this was one of my favorites. … [Read more...]

The Nick and Josh Show

Lo and behold, my conversation with Nick (of the Nick and Josh Show) is now available for download.We talked about movies, Through a Screen Darkly, and then he asked me to share my impressions of a movie that clearly impressed him: Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain.I really enjoyed chatting with Nick, and I hope you enjoy the program. … [Read more...]

Thanks to “God and Culture” Show Host Paul Edwards

Many, many thanks to Paul Edwards for being a gracious host, generous with his time, and thoughtful with his questions on the God and Culture radio program in Detroit.You can listen in on our conversations... … [Read more...]

Next Sunday: Australia’s having an Open House!

¬†I recently overheard someone referring to my new book as "Australia's Colors."Now, please... let me set this straight once and for all: Auralia's Colors has absolutely nothing to do with Australia.And speaking of Australia...I was welcomed to a radio program based in Australia last week to discuss Through a Screen Darkly.The show host was Sheridan Voysey, a true professional, who reads his notes before he sits down at the microphone. His show is called Open House. It wasn't … [Read more...]

Looking Closer in the Foursquare Church

Notes on Through a Screen Darkly in a Foursquare Church publication: Overstreet must go far beyond the obvious and the traditional to show how spiritual issues are raised or that God can be seen in some of Hollywood's most unlikely films. And he contends that we can learn from the good in movies as well as the bad. ... Though some readers will find Overstreet's views controversial, others will find it rich fodder for discussion of relevant topics faced in the world today. … [Read more...]

Gosh Golly… a Facebook Group!

A fine fellow named Karl Weston Magnuson has gone and started a Through a Screen Darkly Facebook group!Thanks, Karl! Good to meet you! … [Read more...]

At the NWCSI-CTABC Convention

Today, I tried to sum up some of the ideas in Through a Screen Darkly to an overcrowded - and quickly overheated - room full of high school teachers at the NWCSI-CTABC convention in Lynden, Washington.The notes I'd prepared... well, I thought that they just might be enough to cover a 95-minute seminar. As it turns out, I only got halfway through them. It's funny how the presence and participation of listeners can change your plans. Their examples and questions brought to mind all kinds of … [Read more...]

Reading Letters and Blogs “Darkly”

Letters like this make my day. I hoped that the book would inspire people to meet together, watch great films, and discuss them. And it's happening. I continue to hear from people who are discovering the book and starting their own discussion groups. Here's one that came today: ... [M]y dad purchased your book for me and I read it over the summer while I was working as a counselor at a Christian camp. I cannot remember being so enamored of a book and eager to read since the first time I picked … [Read more...]

“Through a Screen Darkly” at Fuller Theological Seminary

This just in: For years many evangelical Christians have written about movies primarily as weapons in a culture war. Thank God for Jeffrey Overstreet, who writes about film as an art form. Through a Screen Darkly is beautifully written, and Overstreet's love of film shines through on every page. My "Theology and Popular Culture" students love this book, which stimulates deep discussions and about film and faith. I also highly recommended this book to youth workers struggling to articulate a … [Read more...]

Part 1 of a New Interview… at Culture.ish.

Jason Panella interviewed me for a website called culture.ish.Part One of our conversation was posted this week. Bookmark it so you can go back later, for Part Two.Here are Panella's questions:When did you first realize the importance of taking a critical/thoughtful approach to viewing films? How did you end up as a film reviewer? What is the role of the film critic?Those are challenging pitches to hit, but I took a couple of good swings. You be the judge as to whether I … [Read more...]