Agents of Future Present a Christmas Playlist

Ready for another Christmas playlist? This one's full of surprises.So far, we've heard from Joe Henry, Ashley Cleveland, Sara Zarr, Alissa Wilkinson, and Over the Rhine.The Portland improvisational punk-rockers and worship-songleaders Agents of Future are hard to sum up. Their Bandcamp description describes them as... Jesus-loving, jalopy-gospel way-backers get 2gether & do cre8ive things: Shrieking, speaking, flailing, failing, storytelling, fear-quelling. In the process, songs &a … [Read more...]

Hi 5: Creativity in the Dark; Sam Phillips; Todd Fadel; Mike D’Angelo; Matt Zoller Seitz; John Sayles; and More.

What is Hi 5 to the Face? Find out here.This week, Hi 5s go out to...Fast Company's Eric Jaffe: For this fantastic article on "Why Creativity Thrives in the Dark."I've known instinctively since childhood that I'm more creative in a dimly lit, or dark, room. And since high school I've felt frustrated in rooms brightly lit with fluorescent panels, sensing my best creativity and capacity for learning is going to waste beneath them. Under fluorescent arrays, I feel like a bug on a bug … [Read more...]

What If Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli Made “The Hobbit”?

Can you imagine what Tolkien's Middle-Earth would look like through the eyes of the animators that brought us Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, and My Neighbor Totoro?I can.Over the last decade, I've discovered the treasure trove of animated fantasy created by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. I've fallen in love with their intricate, extravagant style and their boundless imagination. And yet, as I watched Spirited Away, I began to realize that their style … [Read more...]

I’m really going to miss my friend Tim.

These are snapshots of my friend Tim, taken over the last couple of years.(with his brother Todd, left.) … [Read more...]

Congratulations to The Beauty!!

One of my dearest, closest friends, Todd Fadel, who I've known since we were... oh... two?... is in a band called The Beauty. (The other fellow in the band is Matt Zimmerman.)They're from Portland.I've been in an improv comedy band with Todd for about 15 years now... The Garbage Chute Flyboys... a little part of my life I never really discuss here.Anyway, The Beauty is not a comedy band. They rock. Specifically, they rock Portland, Oregon. They also rock MySpace.And The Beauty … [Read more...]