Roger Ebert and Todd Rendleman: An Unexpected Friendship, A Remarkable Memoir

April 19th will be the one-year anniversary of the publication of Rule of Thumb: Roger Ebert at the Movies, by Todd Rendleman.Rendleman, who works with me at Seattle Pacific University, met me for coffee and we talked for a long time about his correspondence with Roger Ebert, about the development of the book, and about how Ebert himself came to write the foreword for it.That interview is now available at Response, the magazine published by Seattle Pacific University, quite unexpectedly … [Read more...]

Three Reflections on The Passion, Post-Hubbub

In the latest issue of SPU's Response, Todd Rendleman, film instructor, and Rob Wall, professor of the Christian Scriptures, join me in offering reflections on The Passion of the Christ now that the hubbub has died down. … [Read more...]