Keeping the Christ-movie in Christmas

When I worked for the City of Seattle's Department of Construction and Land Use, one of the directors hung pictures of Buddhist temples and Buddha statues all over her office and even outside her office for passers-by to enjoy.I found this strange, since I was told that I couldn't have a little desk-top Christmas tree in my work space during the holidays because it was a "religious symbol" and could offend my coworkers.Then, when I put up a Christmas card with a picture of Santa on it, I … [Read more...]

What is a “Christian Movie”?

"Christian."What is it?Is it an adjective?* * * * * * * * * * * * *Is "a Christian" someone who prayed a prayer asking Jesus into their heart? What if that person forgets about that prayer, and strays?Is it someone who continues in a dedicated fashion to pursue and develop a relationship with Christ?The word began as a label that others put upon the disciples of Christ, a teasing sort of label: "Little Christs." And the name stuck. It was, whether intended that way or … [Read more...]

Letter of the Day: Response to “Brokeback Mountain” Review

Today I received this letter in response to my Brokeback Mountain review. Its typical of other responses I've received, but this one was such a convenient distillation of the various contradictions and claims that I was grateful for the chance to address so many common attacks on Christian faith in one fell swoop.When someone starts out by telling you to put down your Christian persepctive and see things the way they are, well, you know you're in for a grand time. I'm not the most eloquent … [Read more...]

New NBC Show Stars a Buddy Christ, Written by "Recovering Catholic."

If a show about Muslims were written by sarcastic evangelicals who liked to poke fun at Islam, can you imagine the cultural outcry across America? That show would be shot down so fast, you wouldn't have time to say "politically incorrect!"Now, imagine a show in which Jesus himself is a regular character who pals around with a priest. Imagine it's written by "a recovering Catholic" who is apparently very interested in the idea of reincarnation, and who thinks a lot of the "myth" surrounding … [Read more...]

REVISED: First (and Second) Thoughts on "Kingdom of Heaven"

I saw Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven today. I'll write a review soon. But first, a few comments on how it fits into the trend of new "spiritual" films...Better to call it Kingdom of Tolerance. … [Read more...]