It’s good to see that Tolkien is still hard at work.

What's that? Tolkien has come up with some new illustrations for The Hobbit? … [Read more...]


I can't let Saturday, January 3rd, come to a close without shouting,HAPPY BIRTHDAY, J.R.R. TOLKIEN!!He's 116 today.I think I'll read some more of The Children of Hurin tonight. Which (pulling foot from mouth) is actually pretty good.What, in your opinion, is the moment in The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings that deserves more attention or appreciation than it gets? Put a spotlight on it for us.Me? I love this, from Chapter 3 of The Fellowship of the Ring: Just over the top … [Read more...]

The Kindlings Muse on Fairy Tales, L’Engle, Tolkien, Lewis, and “Auralia’s Colors”

Did you miss The Kindlings Muse on Monday night? Now you can listen in! The Kindlings podcast is here!From The Kindlings Muse site: Madeleine L'Engle, CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien each embraced the Christian faith and found in their imaginative fantasy a way to explore and understand it.Yet to this day, some Christians see no place for fantasy literature. Tonight's subject is Fantasy & Myth: Christian Contributions & Consumption.We explore the subject with author & film critic … [Read more...]

Sad News for Tolkien Fans: The Scouring of the Tolkien Bungalow

I've been to this house, the place where J.R.R. Tolkien took refuge from his fans in the years after the meteoric rise of The Lord of the Rings to international fame.Looks like it's scheduled for destruction.If this were a Disney movie, wouldn't the fans rally to save the Tolkien house and stand against the march of progress? … [Read more...]

Another “Children of Hurin” Review

I've heard The Lord of the Rings described as a defense of Western Civilisation before... and explained as a justification for all kinds of things, including Western shows of military force. But this review of The Children of Hurin takes a different perspective. J R R Tolkien was the most Christian of 20th-century writers, not because he produced Christian allegory and apologetics like his friend C S Lewis, but because he uniquely portrayed the tragic nature of what Christianity replaced. … [Read more...]

Salon on “The Children of Hurin” reviews Tolkien's The Children of Hurin. While debating whether to break up the chair for winter firewood, Sador talks to Túrin, the young son of Húrin who will soon be sent into exile and become the wandering, accursed hero of this gloomy, gory and highly compelling tale. "I wasted my time," Sador says of his long labors, "though the hours seemed pleasant. But all such things are short-lived; and the joy in the making is their only true end, I guess."It's impossible not to hear J … [Read more...]

A Singing Sun

Mark Shea, in a moment of genius, quoted Tolkien's The Silmarillion when he learned about this fantastic discovery.Wow. Now I can't wait for the album. And the tour. Who should open for the sun? … [Read more...]

"The Children of Hurin" – J.R.R. Tolkien’s "latest"

My friend and fellow Tolkien enthusiast Geoffrey DeWeese was surprised and upset when I expressed skepticism about the upcoming release of a "new" story by J.R.R. Tolkien.I confess, I was feeling really cynical about the whole affair. I've never found the immeasurable amount of extra Middle-Earth material to be compelling or even very interesting. Give me the enthralling narratives of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Give me more of his children's stories, like the Father Christmas … [Read more...]

Greg Wolfe on "Why the Inklings Aren’t Enough"

In the new issue of Image, editor Greg Wolfe writes about the problem of Christian veneration of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. has often been noted that the two Oxford dons at the center of the famous literary group known as the Inklings — C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien — would be appalled by the virtual canonization that has been conferred on them by adoring fans.What concerns me, however, is not so much the tendency of many Christians to treat these two writers as saints, as dubious … [Read more...]

Ebert on Narnia: Wrong, and Right

UPDATE: Ebert has corrected his mistake!Here's the earlier post...The vigilant Mark Shea notes Ebert's big error: Here's the first sentence of his review of Narnia:C. S. Lewis, who wrote the Narnia books, and J.R.R. Tolkien, who wrote the Ring trilogy, were friends who taught at Oxford at the same time, were pipe smokers, drank in the same pub, took Christianity seriously and hated each other's fantasy worlds.Here is Lewis, displaying his hatred of Tolkien's fantasy:Such a … [Read more...]