Indiewire Critics Rate the Best of 2006

Thanks to Doug Cummings for posting this link.It represents the votes of a long list of writers, many of whom would be on my list of the best film critics working today.And the list itself is amazing, including so many great titles that will go overlooked by the Academy and other more commercial endeavors. … [Read more...]

Slant Critics: Two Intriguing Year’s-Best Lists.

I'm listening to the critics at Slant Magazine this year.Why? Well, because both of them picked The New World as the best film of 2005, having seen only a hastily fashioned awards-consideration version.Looking at their picks for this year, I'm already agreeing with several of their choices. And some of them I haven't seen yet, but I'll have to get out to track them down now. … [Read more...]

Why Is “The New World” on 2005 Best-Lists If Malick Finished It in 2006?

The final cut of Terrence Malick's The New World was not finished until January 2006.It was not shown to critics in Seattle until January 18, 2006.The cut that was shown to Oscar voters in a rather rushed attempt to get an Oscar nomination was not the finished film.And yet, critics everywhere are counting The New World as a 2005 picture. … [Read more...]

Michael Leary’s Top 10 of 2005

One of my favorite film writers, Michael Leary, who blogs at ImageFacts, sees more of the international highlights than I do, partly due to living between Chicago and Scotland.Thus, I've been eagerly awaiting his Top Ten list, and here I am, reading it at The Matthews House Project and taking notes for future DVD rentals...I haven't seen the film he put at #1. … [Read more...]

Ten Favorite Albums of 2005

Here are the records that I've put on and kept on, over and over, this last year. … [Read more...]

My Favorite Films of 2005

I've just published the Looking Closer "Favorite Films of 2005" list.This list will very likely be revised in the next month, as I catch up to some of those hard-to-reach 2005 releases. But I'll be required to turn in my list to various publications in the coming weeks, so I figured I'd better come up something.I'm as surprised as anybody to see what has ended up as my #1 film of the year. A few months ago, I would never have guessed. But my love for it just keeps deepening... … [Read more...]

Top Five Spiritually Significant Films

What would you choose as the Top Five Spiritually Significant Films you've ever seen?The Arts and Faith board posted their top 100 recently.(I didn't vote in this process because I became increasingly baffled as to what "Spiritually Significant" meant to this particular group. When Apocalypse Now, or the films of Peter Weir, aren't considered "spiritually significant", I realize I must think very differently about the terms. To me, well, I think the label means: Films that move me, and … [Read more...]

Specials: Sermon contest! 100 spiritually significant films! Gibson sues CleanFlicks (for Jesus’ sake)! Ebert loved Oprah!

Monday's specials: Will Your Pastor's Sermon win Narnia Sermon Contest? In other words, can your pastor be bribed into lacing your Sunday morning worship with Hollywood propaganda? What's that? Is that the sound of a whip lashing in the foyer? And who's that bearded guy with the whip?Come on. Let's keep Narnia propaganda where it belongs! Which leads me to my next story... Will you be using Narnia toilet tissue? Mmmmmm. Soft as Aslan's fur....The Top 100 Spiritually Significant … [Read more...]

The Arts and Faith Top 100

Film critics and cinephiles at the Arts and Faith Conversation have revised their list of 100 Spiritually Significant Films, and the picture has changed dramatically.Michael Leary offers a fantastic commentary on the list over at The Matthews House Project.How many of the Top 100 have you seen? What inclusions are you most pleased to see there? What's missing from the list?I didn't participate in the voting for this year's list, partly out of frustration over understanding the … [Read more...]

Specials: Top 1000 Movies, Pathetic Pink Panther

Today's specials:HALLIWELL'S TOP 1,000 MOVIES INCLUDES SURPRISES I'd like to see the full list, because I'm really quite impressed with the Top 100. There are some brave and smart choices here that differ from the usual Citizen Kane-happy lists. The grand list-maker explains his work here.Have you seen this film? You should.PINK PANTHER PULLED; FILMMAKERS SECRETLY ASK THEMSELVES "WHAT WERE WE THINKING?" Well, actually, the operative word is "postponed." After a wave of … [Read more...]