Toy Story 3 (2010)

This review was originally published in an abridged version at Good Letters, the blog for Image.-Fifteen years ago, I approached Toy Story with skepticism. A full-length feature animated on computers? I feared it would look fake and robotic, a poor substitute for the hand-drawn brilliance of Disney classics.But Toy Story won me over in its first five minutes. It had colorful characters, an adventurous spirit, and a big, warm, thrumming heart. It entertained kids and their parents … [Read more...]

Ask Me Anything – Toy Story 3, Inception, “Hipsters”

On my new Tumblr site, there's a feature called "Ask Me Anything."Nobody ever uses it.And yet here at, people ask me things all the time.So, I figure I'd better answer the questions where they're being asked.And in this new, recurring "Ask Me Anything" series, I'll often consolidate questions for the sake of convenience.Like this question, which has come up frequently both here and on Facebook: Q: When will you review Toy Story 3? … [Read more...]

To infinity and beyond… friend-o.

What would Cormac McCarthy's Toy Story 3 look like?Here's the answer: … [Read more...]

Inspire me: What’s the best way to end a series?

Okay, I'm not really looking for ideas about how to end The Auralia Thread.The first draft of The Ale Boy's Feast is very roughly drafted, and by the time the fireworks go off on the 4th, I'll have given a readable version to the editors. (It feels like I'm preparing to take a patient with worrying symptoms to the doctor to await a diagnosis.)I know how it ends. And I get a little shaky just thinking about the questions that I won't pursue to full resolution, and the unexpected … [Read more...]

Lucky Showest folks see Toy Story 3

Are you looking forward to Toy Story 3?I learned a long time ago not to let the trailer for a Pixar movie influence my expectations: The films almost always surpass high expectations.So I was surprised to read some grumbling about the latest trailer. Haven't other people learned the same lesson?Then came today: And the lucky folks who got to see Toy Story 3 at Showest are Tweeting up a storm. Here are some of the early reports: … [Read more...]

A Special Guest in Toy Story 3

A very special guest appears at about 0:49 in the new Toy Story 3 trailer. … [Read more...]