Learning Can Save Your Life: A Conversation with Filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud (2004)

This interview was originally published at Promontory Artists Association in 2004 upon the release of Jean-Jacques Annaud's film Two Brothers.-With his new film Two Brothers, French filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud has produced one of the year’s best family films. My review of the film is here. I got up early to speak with Annaud by telephone this week. He was in France where it was already mid-afternoon. He spoke about the challenges of working with tigers, the themes that recur in his f … [Read more...]

Two Brothers (2004)

My review of Two Brothers was originally published at Christianity Today.-There are at least ten good reasons to go see Two Brothers, especially if you take children along for the ride. It's a delightful success thanks to …1. Director Jean-Jacques Annaud. The director's "grownups-only" films have been hit-and-miss affairs (The Name of the Rose, The Lover, Enemy at the Gates, Seven Years in Tibet), but his "all-ages" films are delightful, unusual, and exemplary. In 1988, he gave us T … [Read more...]

Two Brothers, Two Fine French Filmmakers

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with director Patrice Leconte ("Man on the Train") and found him to be one of the most affable, enthusiastic conversationists I've encountered among movie-folk.This morning I got up at 6AM to talk with Jean-Jacques Annaud, director of the new family-friendly film "Two Brothers," as well as the acclaimed director of "The Name of the Rose," "The Bear," "The Lover," and "Enemy at the Gates." … [Read more...]