U2’s New Album Arrives Early

I'm listening to U2's new album right now!It's called Viva La Vida. You can stream it for free right here. U2's collaborations with Brian Eno have always been fruitful, and I'll be enjoying this for the rest of the summer. Too bad they had to call in Coldplay to substitute for them at the last minute, but still.... Just listen to track 5 -- it's like a sequel to "City of Blinding Lights."So when will the new U2 album performed by U2 arrive? Their manager says it might happen as soon as … [Read more...]

The Browser, 6/5: Tolkien tidbits; Ray LaMontagne; U2 anniversary; best animated films; Farina in trouble

The Browser: News & links to raise your eyebrows & furrow your brow.-Christopher Tolkien wants to "terminate" Hobbit movieIt's not surprising that Christopher Tolkien isn't happy about New Line's plans for a movie of The Hobbit. He wasn't happy about Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy either. It will be interesting to see the judgment in his lawsuit against New Line; he claims that the master of Middle-earth's family is owed ¬£80m under a deal for a 7.5% share of p … [Read more...]

The U2 Elevation Prayer

David Wainscott has just posted some interesting audio: An audio file of the prayer and blessing for U2's 2001 Elevation tour.And when you think about how that tour blessed so many, and about the ministry that the band had for those in New York after the attacks on September 11th... I don't think it's presumptuous to say those prayers were answered. … [Read more...]

U2 Album Shaping Up to Be Something Special

NME reports on the progress of U2's next album: "We did some recording in Morocco last year[, said Bono. "All the band went to an amazing religious music festival in Fez with some incredible sufi singers. It was a real humbling thing for a punk rock shouter, listening to these people who just close their eyes for 40 minutes and sing the most sophisticated melodies."He added: "We got this little riad, a small hotel with a courtyard in the middle and set up the band there, with a square of … [Read more...]

Music bits: U2 Album Progress. Whitman’s aves. Hartse on Feist. The Believer.

A quick blitz of music links:U2's progress on their new album. Andy Whitman rates the best albums so far this year. Joel Hartse reviews Feist's The Reminder. A summary of The Believer's annual Music Issue. … [Read more...]

Achtung, Spider-man! (I am not making this up.)

What in the world?Bono and The Edge... writing a Spider-man musical... for Julie Taymor.Right.Sure.Why didn't I see that coming? … [Read more...]

U2’s New (Completely Unnecessary) Compilation

U218, which arrives in stores Nov. 21, is a waste of time for anybody who already has the best-of collections that they released a few years ago.There's nothing in these 15 singles that you don't already know by heart, except...the recent U2/Green Day collaboration-cover of "The Saints are Coming," which does indeed rock, and... "Windows in the Sky," which is as jubilant and celebratory as "Beautiful Day," and which U2-friendly churches are more than likely to integrate in their … [Read more...]

More on U2’s New Material

Josh Hurst just discovered more on the current activities of U2 at, well, atU2.The other new song is "Windows in the Skies." With soaring strings and a haunting piano melody, the tune is remarkably different to the stadium rock sound of their recent smash hit album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. It is huge but in a very different way and for a very different reason; Bono is learning to play piano. "I think that's going to be our biggest song in a long time. It's a psychedelic pop song … [Read more...]

U2 in 3-D!!!

U2 is coming to a THEATER near you next year... in 3-D. … [Read more...]

While U2 prepares to record, Bono is taking piano lessons.

JAM! Showbiz reports that U2 is preparing to go back into the studio this summer.Wondering what might be different? … [Read more...]