Give Us Somebody We Can Blast Into Pieces!

Anthony Lane on Battle: Los Angeles: … [Read more...]

The Naked Now

I heard Richard Rohr speak at The Glen Workshop, and in ten minutes he challenged me  profoundly. ... … [Read more...]

Top Five Favorite Responses from Angry Readers

'Tis the season for top ten lists.So, having posted my top¬†10 (and more)¬†favorite movies and albums for the year, let's move on to the next most exciting thing. I'm kicking off a new annual list:Top Five Favorite Responses from Angry ReadersFull disclosure: Although I've received plenty of spectacular responses here at the blog this year, all five of these first-rate put-downs were were mailed straight to Christianity Today in response to the re-printing of my commentary on the diff … [Read more...]

Monster, Wretches, "Bad People" … and Me.

Guillermo Del Toro, the new king of monster movies, is about to unleash Hellboy 2.But according to, his mind is already busy with visions of what might be his his next big project. No, it's not The Hobbit, and no, it's not that Tarzan project he was talking about a while back.Here's a hint: For Kenneth Branagh, it was a big mistake.Can you guess?Personally, I've had this particular monster on the brain lately... … [Read more...]