Save “J”

There's a new comedy opening this month, one that's received a lot of praise at film festivals.And I'm very concerned about what is going to happen when it opens.Since I don't want to distract people who will see the movie and mess up their experience of it, let's just call it "J" for now.J's storyline involved a controversial ethical decision, just as Million Dollar Baby's story involved a different controversial decision.Already, conservative and Christian media personalities … [Read more...]

There He Goes Again: Ted Baehr Slanders Christianity Today On the Air.

Yesterday during the James D. Kennedy Coral Ridge Broadcast, Ted Baehr once again slandered Christianity Today and my colleagues in Christian film criticism. And in the meantime, he either got the facts wrong, or he lied... you decide.From a friend who heard the broadcast: Ted Baehr (who starts the broadcast by taking credit for The Passion, Chronicles of Narnia, Madagascar, and other films) notes that he gave The Passion a “movie of the year” award last year. Then he says: "Christianity To … [Read more...]