Reconsidering Basterds, and Catching Up with Rightwing Film Geek

Is it wise for me to tell you that my opinion of Inglourious Basterds has changed dramatically over the past few weeks?I don't have a review yet to back up that claim. I keep starting to write one, and then my thoughts and feelings continue to evolve. … [Read more...]

The Browser: Dobson and the election. Another Top Ten List. O’Connor.

Whitman on this election year's Dobson¬†factor Some writers make me nod off. Andy Whitman makes me nod on, and on, and on.¬†-A Lively ListVJ Morton has one of the most interesting¬†Best of 2007 lists I've¬†seen, and a thoughtful trip through the¬†acting categories too. Bonus! Actual scenes from great films!¬†-Falling for Flannery... Again!And last but certainly not least... in fact, perhaps this should have been first... Flannery O'Connor, via her blog:What the fictio … [Read more...]

“Secret Sunshine”: Best Depiction of Evangelical Christianity?

Darren Hughes calls Secret Sunshine "the truest depiction of evangelical Christianity I've seen on film."Victor Morton doesn't quite agree. (You have to scroll down for his review.)And J. Robert Parks has mixed feelings about it. ...GreenCine Daily has even more reviews of the film from Toronto and from Cannes.  … [Read more...]

Victor Morton, Rightwing Film Geek, has moved.

One of my favorite film bloggers has just relocated to Wordpress.And when I went to check out the new look, I realized that I'd fallen behind. A lot of good reading here, and my trembling anticipation for several upcoming films just continue to escalate. … [Read more...]

Victor Morton on “the Russian Abortion Film”

I agree with Victor Morton.Let's not condemn a movie before we see it. … [Read more...]