The Most Disappointing Movies of 2005

Since I'm struggling to find ten movies worth recommending in a Top Ten List, I realize now that I'm far more prepared to serve up a different kind of list...THE TOP TEN BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 2005 No, not the ten worst movies... but the ten movies that SHOULD have been GREAT.1. THE BROTHERS GRIMM. Terry Gilliam's first bad movie. And yikes, is it awful! If he doesn't get back on the horse and show us he can still ride, Lost in La Mancha's going to look more and more like the … [Read more...]

Walk the Line (2005)

Imagine a film about the life of Tom Cruise that pretends that his marriage to Katie Holmes was a thrilling triumph, and all of that stuff about Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers was just an unfortunate prologue. Now imagine if that film only made a couple of sketchy, passing references to Scientology. Would you accept this film as the proper monument to Cruise?Or better, imagine a film about the story of Bono and U2 without mention of the Bible study where the band members became close friends … [Read more...]

More trouble in Cash-land: GetReligion says the film blows it.

Over at GetReligion, Terry Mattingly's paying attention to see if "Walk the Line" will tell the true story of Cash's redemption. And apparently, they're disappointed. For years, Cash prowled the stage on amphetamines and wept as he sang “The Old Rugged Cross” — often in the same show. Things got better after he married June Carter in 1968, a meeting of souls made in heaven, but worked out in the flesh under the parental gaze of Ezra and Maybelle Carter. These country-music pioneers not only pray … [Read more...]