Disney’s Frozen Get Chilly Reception (From Some of My Favorite Critics)

"There’s nothing I’d like more than to tell you, at the end of this year of relentlessly disappointing family fare, that Frozen — very loosely inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen — is a musical fairy-tale triumph: a throwback to the days of Beauty and the Beast, like many critics are saying."That's how the great Steven Greydanus begins his review of Frozen.Can you sense the pending "But..."?  Here it comes. … [Read more...]

When You Wish Upon Star Wars – Episode Seven

It took about five minutes for this news to go from an announcement to total domination of Twitter.My hopes? … [Read more...]

Are you ready to go back to the Hundred Acre Wood?

One of the greatest fantasy worlds ever imagined is being "rebooted" by Disney. … [Read more...]

Disney back to drawing!

"TRADITION, TRADITION, DA-DA-DA-DA.... TRADITION!"Disney returns to hand-drawn animation! Thank goodness.There's a beauty and a personality to hand-drawn cartoons that CGI just can't replace. Don't get me wrong, I love what can be done with digital animation. But to let it completely replace other styles of animation that have their own strengths? A waste. Since Disney started incorporating CGI into their animation, I can't say their films have improved much. I still prefer classics like … [Read more...]

Want to Buy a Pixar? Sorry. Sold Out.

Scott Cunningham reveals the evidence pointing to Disney's purchase of Pixar.Shazbot. And I'd been saving for so long...Oh well, at least I can afford one more peppermint mocha at Starbucks before the season's over. Wait... the season's over??!I concur with Scott's comments: May God watch over Pixar, the finest American filmmaking studio. Long may their perfect record stand. … [Read more...]

Speaking of Disney disrespect to source material…

(via Chattaway's FilmChat.)Now Disney's meddling with the Hundred Acre Wood and replacing Christopher Robin with at 6-year-old girl, because Christoher Robin "just wouldn't sell."I need to find something to quit so I can say "I quit!" in protest. … [Read more...]

Shocker! Christian Group Ends Disney Boycott!

from IMDB news, with a few of my own revisions: The Rev. Tim Wildmon announced Tuesday that his American Family Assn. has decided to end its nine-year-old boycott of the Walt Disney Co.Disney employees searching for the "End of Boycott" party were surprised to discover that the most of their coworkers were unaware that their had even been a boycott, and certainly didn't know that one had ended.Wildmon indicated that he was not calling off the boycott because of any fundamental changes … [Read more...]