C.S. Lewis explains.

C.S. LEWIS: What we want is not more little books about Christianity, but more little books by Christians on other subjects — with their Christianity latent. … [Read more...]

Yikes. The biggest Auralia sighting yet…

Check out the biggest Auralia's Colors sighting yet.Amy writes: In case he wasn’t aware of it (and I’m sure he is), this one is for Jeffrey Overstreet, whose first novel, Auralia’s Colors, is being published by Waterbrook this fall. The book, which, from the first chapter seems to be excellent, is getting nice exposure at the show… In fact, Amy… I didn’t know it was getting exposure like THAT.Thanks so much for noticing!I also noticed Auralia’s Colors mentioned in this article. … [Read more...]

Tonight, We Signed the Contracts.

Tonight, at Spiro's Pizza in Shoreline, Anne and I were joined by our dear friends Sarah and Nathan Partain, and I put pen to paper, signing the contracts for my first two novels.WaterBrook Press, a division of Random House, is publishing the books. I must again thank WaterBrook's Shannon Hill and Alive Communications' Don Pape (my agent) for all of their support in making this dream come true. In the picture, we're raising our glasses to them.And long live Auralia!! … [Read more...]

Home at Last. What a week.

Anne and I have come crashing through the front door of our home, leaving behind us a memorable weekend in Colorado Springs, where we met Don Pape, the literary agent that's changing our lives.Don gave us a tour of Alive Communications, his place of work. It's an agency that has represented such admirable writers as Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz), Brennan Manning, Eugene Peterson, and Philip Yancey. We met a whole corridor full of warm and welcoming people. Then Don treated us to a fantastic … [Read more...]

J. R. R. Tolkien, Are You Smiling on Me Today?

All glory to God, who moves in very mysterious ways!To make a long story short... and believe me, eventually I'll tell you the long and bizarr-o story...Random House has just offered me a two-book deal. … [Read more...]

A Quick Prayer Request

Those of you with the time and attention to pray, I'd appreciate your prayers as Anne and I consider an offer from a publisher to bring one of my novels out of the home office and into the world.It's an exciting day. I'll report with more details when we have something certain to report. … [Read more...]