Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)

The new film from Werner Herzog is a documentary in 3D, taking us into the world's oldest art gallery. … [Read more...]

The Best Picture of 2010 So Far?

I once said that I would have liked American Beauty if it had been all about the plastic bag. Well, here it is, directed by Rahmin Barani: 18 minutes of "too good to be true" ... … [Read more...]

Badder Lieutenant

The Hollywood Reporter is trying to ruin my day, claiming that Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant is being re-made by Werner Herzog, with Nicolas Cage stepping into the role already owned by Harvey Keitel.But it couldn't possibly be true. Cage would know better than to ruin (*cough* Wings of Desire *cough*) an already legendary movie (*cough*The Wicker Man*cough) by creating a mediocre imitation... right?And what will Herzog, with his particular worldview, do with that profoundly spiritual … [Read more...]

Joaquin Phoenix gets rescued by… WHO?

It boggles the mind. … [Read more...]