Thanks for the Comments on “Where the Wild Things Are”

After reading so many disparaging reviews of Where the Wild Things Are, I began to feel that I'd seen a different movie, for it moved and inspired me powerfully. … [Read more...]

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

This review was originally published at the Image blog, Good Letters.-By the time Max shouted “Let the wild rumpus start!” on opening day ofWhere the Wild Things Are, a rumpus was already raging among the film’s critics.Reviewers have been roaring and beating their chests in debate. Were director Spike Jonze and screenwriter Dave Eggers faithful enough to author Maurice Sendak’s lavishly illustrated pages? Should they be treated like kings? Or sent to their rooms without dinner? … [Read more...]

Wild Things!

They make my heart sing!I recently listened to an archived interview by Terry Gross with author Maurice Sendak. It brought back memories of the strange emotions I felt as a child whenever I read Where the Wild Things Are. That I feel those same feelings watching this trailer is very promising indeed. If I feel them as I watch the film itself, it will be something truly wonderful. And Spike Jonze might be just the man to make that happen.I also think this is my all-time favorite match … [Read more...]

Browser, 6/11: Radiohead w/lasers!; My Chat with Kim Ketola; “WALL-E”; “Where the Wild Things Are”; Outlandish Outlander; Sixpence None the Richer; E.B. White

Radiohead laser showThe new Radiohead video didn't use any cameras. It used lasers.And now, I challenge you to fill in the blank with something that would catch everyone by surprise. For their next video... Radiohead won't use any cameras. They'll use __________________.Thanks to my good friend Henrik Lind for the link!-Hellboy 2, WALL-E, Kung Fu Panda, Get Smart, and My Kid Could Paint ThatMy latest live-radio chat about new releases with Kim Ketola on "Along the Way" is … [Read more...]

Save “Where the Wild Things Are”

Ain't It Cool has just posted the impassioned plea of a moviegoer who has seen Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are.His plea? Save this beautiful movie, before the studio heads decide to dump it and replace it with something stupid!(Warning: There is some "spoilerish" content in his description of the film.)Here's an excerpt: Needless to say, this isn't a movie for children... it's a movie about childhood and the first fleeting moments where you start to become aware of the world … [Read more...]

Looking Forward to “Where the Wild Things Are”

When I was a kid, one of my favorite storybooks was...Wait, let me start again.One of my favorite storybooks is Where the Wild Things Are. (Forget the part about "when I was a kid." It's still true. If a story is good, a reader will never "outgrow" it.)But there is not nearly enough in Maurice Sendak's surreal book to fill a feature film. Thus, I have felt apprehensive, even depressed, over the inevitability of a revised and embellished full-length movie version. After seeing Ron … [Read more...]

"Wild Thing" Spike Jonze has his new project…

According to Variety, Spike Jonze is the man that Warner Brothers is depending on to take us...Where the Wild Things Are.Let's see... with Curious George also on the way, what other beloved children's books are waiting for their champion? … [Read more...]