From the Director of “Metropolitan” and “The Last Days of Disco”

Recognize these lines? You know that Shakespearean admonition, 'To thine own self be true’?It’s premised on the idea that ‘thine own self’ is something pretty good, being true to which is commendable.But what if ‘thine own self’ is not so good?What if it’s pretty bad?Would it be better in that case not to be true to thine own self? … [Read more...]

Browser: “Penelope.” Terry Gilliam. Cinema and the City. Whit Stillman. Denby’s Oscar rant.

1. I found some time during my travels to jot down thoughts on an overlooked, underrated fantasy film -- Penelope -- and its relationship with other "Beauty and the Beast" tales.2 Someday, Charlie Kaufman will make a movie about the career of Terry Gilliam, depicting the astonishing, relentless calamities that befall the imaginative director. Everyone knows that Heath Ledger died in the middle of filming Gilliam's upcoming picture. If you've seen Lost in La Mancha, you know what I mean - … [Read more...]

Browser, 8/24: Ebert on China; Stillman Still Winning Fans; A True Champion; Faith-Bashing on the Big-Screen

ROGER EBERT GIVES CHINA'S OLYMPICS A BIG THUMB'S UP Yes, there are criticisms to be made. China, like all nations, is far from perfect. Our Bill of Rights would create an upheaval in their society. There are all the stories about the "fakery" of the Olympics opening ceremony. True, but the ceremony was showbiz, which since time immemorial has shown us what cannot be. The amazing aspect is that so many aspects of the "fakery" were so quickly revealed, and no one lost his head because of treason. … [Read more...]

Whit Stillman will return… in a Dancing Mood

The future just got brighter. … [Read more...]

Specials: Auralia. Superman and Che pics. Whit Stillman. A follow-up to "Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner." Michel Gondry + Dave Chappelle.

Thursday specials:PRAY FOR AURALIA AND ME I'd appreciate your prayers. It's not a crisis, but in the story of my life, it's a big deal. For the next four days, I will be putting the finishing touches on my novel Auralia's Colors and sending it in to the publisher. By "finishing touches," I mean I'll be making the last changes before the editors mark it up and send me things that they think need changing. So there's still a long way to go. But this is quite a landmark for me, and suddenly I … [Read more...]

Whit Stillman returns!

Thanks to Adam Walter for discovering news about the next project from Whit Stillman (Metropolitan, Barcelona, The Last Days of Disco)... Jane Austen's Winchester Races!Walter also links to The Wall Street Journal's review of the new novel by Mark Helprin.Because of these fine discoveries, I'll show mercy to Mr. Walter and skip mentioning that I ever saw him carrying a stack of the Left Behind novels around.(Okay, he works at a bookstore. He was just shelving them.) … [Read more...]