Casa de Mi Padre (2012)

Sketch comedy artists like Will Ferrell face a challenge when they make the leap to the big screen. Can they come up with an idea that is substantial enough to last the length of a feature film? If they do, can they succeed again? … [Read more...]

Then and Now: A Christmas Miracle via David Bowie and Will Ferrell that?Check this out... … [Read more...]

The Browser, 5/14: Brooks on “Neural Buddhism”; Fraggles; Scarlett Johansson; Why I’ll Miss Dubya

Brooks on a new challenge for those who believe in a "personal God"David Brooks talks about why believers' debates with Richard Dawkins are "just a sideshow," and that the real revolution is something like "neural Buddhism."-Fraggle Rock is here to stayCory Edwards is bringing back the Fraggles. Here's his announcement, and a quick Q&A.-Scarlett singsJosh Hurst reviews Scarlett Johansson's album of Tom Waits covers. You can probably guess where the weakest link … [Read more...]

Why is Will Ferrell Funny?

Slate takes on one of the most pressing, urgent questions that our society must address: Why is Will Ferrell funny? … [Read more...]

Specials: Hand Puppet Theater does "Serenity"

Friday specials:GLOBAL WARMINGS Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the long-awaited return of the President of the United States... Will Ferrell.MAL... THE PUPPET Maybe this version will finally win Serenity the respect it deserves.LARK NEWS STRIKES AGAIN Pastor wins "Most Relevant" award. … [Read more...]

Whoever you’re voting for… Will Ferrell is a funny man.

And here he is, reprising one of his greatest roles, as our Commander-in-Chief, with a special message for all Americans. … [Read more...]

Weirdest Movie News of the Day: Joan of Bark?

Since Paul Thomas Anderson recently directed Adam Sandler in a film, hey, why not have David Mamet work with Will Ferrell? … [Read more...]