“Amazing Grace”: Don’t Judge a Film By Its Preview

I can't publish my review of Amazing Grace yet. But I will say this. The preview led me to believe it would be cheesy, overly sentimental, and old-fashioned in the worst kind of way.I'm pleasantly surprised to tell you that you should plan to see it on opening night. There are plenty of highlights that make it worth your time and attention ... not the least of which is its unapologetic celebration of Christian faith, and strong (if unfortunately brief) performances by Albert Finney, Michael … [Read more...]

Reviews for Walden Media’s William Wilberforce Biopic

Peter T. Chattaway has posted some sizeable excerpts from the first reviews of Amazing Grace, the new film by Michael Apted about William Wilberforce's passion for the abolishment of slavery. … [Read more...]

William Wilberforce Arrives in America on February 23, 2007

Whether it's any good or not, I can tell you already that the film Amazing Grace will likely win honors from many Christian film critics merely because of its subject. … [Read more...]

William Wilberforce film gets a strong cast

While it remains to be seen whether The Fantastic Four's Ioan Gruffudd will be a compelling leading man in Walden Media's film on the life of William Wilberforce, the supporting cast is shaping up nicely.Albert Finney, last seen in Oceans 12, best seen in many superior films.Romola Garai, who stole every scene she visited in last year's Vanity Fair.Michael Gambon of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Gosford Park.Rufus Sewell of Dark City.Ciaran Hinds of Persuasion and … [Read more...]