Wonder Woman Update

Remember our chat about who should play Wonder Woman?Were you one of the many Joss Whedon fans looking forward to his take on the story? … [Read more...]

I Know Who Joss Whedon Should Cast as "Wonder Woman."

Okay, am I losing any sleep over who's going to play Wonder Woman?No, not really. But Joss Whedon is writing it, so I want it to succeed, because the more that Whedon succeeds the more likely we are to see more episodes of Firefly or a sequel to Serenity.So... with what little I know of the Wonder Woman comics, I can tell you this: Rachel Bilson is no Wonder Woman. Bison is little. She's a kid. Wonder Woman?Who would I cast? … [Read more...]

Specials: Sigur Ros, Kite Runner, DiCaprio/Scorsese, Wonder Whedon

Anne and I spent the weekend in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, writing and drinking coffee and reading good books. We had the privilege of spending time with Luci Shaw, a marvelous poet and an inspiration to us both. I also listened to a lot of great music.And then I promptly LOST MY CD CARRYING CASE. Currently missing: the new Ron Sexsmith album, Bruce Springsteen's latest, and several other current favorites. [insert much grumbling here]Anyway, I'm finding a whole lot of comfort in … [Read more...]

Joss Whedon, Creator of ‘Firefly,’ Has a New Superhero in His Care…

Whedon will write and direct Wonder Woman. … [Read more...]